2 Dec The Xilinx DisplayPort solution is fully compliant to the VESA DisplayPort Standard va specification. [Ref 1]. Spartan®-6, Virtex®-6 and. 19 Mar The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) unveils DisplayPort v is backward compatible with existing DisplayPort va. DisplayPort (DP) is a digital display interface developed by a consortium of PC and chip a standard 4-lane main link. DisplayPort cables up to 2 meters in length are required to support the full Gbit/s bandwidth. Protection (DPCP) . The DisplayPort a standard can be downloaded for free from the VESA website.

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VESA announces DisplayPort v

DisplayPort can be used to transmit audio and video stanrard, although each is optional and can be transmitted without the other. The connection offers a 3D display of x at Hz as 3D would simultaneously use two streams. Maximum Total Bandwidth [a]. DSC compression works on a horizontal line of pixels encoded using groups vesa displayport standard v1.2 three consecutive pixels for native 4: The PC industry plans to completely replace the now-existing VGA and DVI interfaces with DisplayPort over time, and doing so will both vesa displayport standard v1.2 the number of needed system display interface receptacles and provide new capabilities not yet realized.

Protocol Mini-packet Pin out. Archived from the original on 7 December This new standard will be physically smaller than the currently available Mini DisplayPort connectors.

No time frame has been alluded to, however it is expected that manufacturers will begin to take advantage of the technology in the very near future. The update includes native encoding of 4: This exemplifies why DisplayPort cables are not classified by “version”; although DSC was introduced in version 1.

The most recent revision of the standard, DisplayPort v1. Rotating charger cable stays flexible to avoid the fray. The total vesa displayport standard v1.2 of the main link in a standard 4-lane connection is the aggregate of all lanes:. Although DisplayPort has vesa displayport standard v1.2 of the same functionality as HDMIit is a complementary connection used in different scenarios.

Backward compatibility is further extended to non-DisplayPort monitors through inexpensive DisplayPort-to-Legacy display adapters vesa displayport standard v1.2 are now readily available. The DisplayPort main link is used for transmission of video and audio. Insystems with DisplayPort version v1. DisplayPort is the new display interface appearing on an increasing number of notebook and desktop PCs and PC monitors.

Record-breaking solid state memory stores data at times the density of Blu-ray.

VESA Finishes DisplayPort v Spec – rAVe [Publications]

Vesa displayport standard v1.2 cables are not classified by “version”. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. However, they predicted that the figure for commercial desktops would grow to Micro DisplayPort will target systems that need ultra-compact connectors, such as phones, tablets and ultra-portable notebook computers.

VGA connectors have no defined maximum resolution or speed, but their analog nature limits their bandwidth, though can provide long cabling only limited by appropriate shielding.

This is a self-clocking system, so no dedicated clock signal channel is necessary. The fast and the future: Retrieved 5 July All DisplayPort cables are compatible with all DisplayPort displayoprt, regardless of the version of each device or the cable certification level.

Vesa displayport standard v1.2 from the original on 13 November This adapter enables compatibility mode and converts the signal from 3. vesa displayport standard v1.2

Since its introduction inDisplayPort has gained popularity within the computer industry and is featured on many graphic cards, displays, and notebook computers. Archived from the original on 3 January In addition, the interface is capable of carrying bi-directional USB signals. vesa displayport standard v1.2

VESA announces DisplayPort v1.2

The DisplayPort standard does not specify any maximum length for cables, though veas DisplayPort 1. If the quality of the DisplayPort cable is insufficient to reliably handle HBR2 speeds for example, the DisplayPort devices will detect this and vesa displayport standard v1.2 down to a lower mode to maintain a stable connection.

Simple conversion from 4: