Truly Madly Deeply Memoirs of a Broken Heart’s First Love! is a romance novel written by Indian author Faraaz Kazi. It was first published in by Cedar. Faraaz Kazi (born November 10, ) is an Indian author, primarily writing mainstream romance and best known for his debut novel Truly Madly Deeply. TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY promises to be a heart-warming and emotion filled tale that will captivate the Faraaz Kazi, – Indic fiction (English) – pages.

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I was kind of curious to read this genre again. Things that actually happen in schools in initial years in college have been described with ease by the author. A thumbs-up is considered as both a “from-heart” and “mockery”. Truly madly and deeply one of the worst books I have ever read. It was so irritating to read a book like this. When Rahul fal I don’t think that I have ever read a novel that better captures the reality of first love experiences for many teenagers.

I wasted my money and time both on this book. I don’t want other people to be as dissapointed as I was, so I give it only 1 star. Jan 22, Pooja Kad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kazi is a voracious reader and counts singing as his second love. Overwritten and embarrassingly amateurish. Jul 21, Stephanie rated it did not like it.

Book Review: Truly, Madly, Deeply, by Faraaz Kazi – A Bookworm’s Musing

Lida rated it did not like it Dec 06, I loved the times in the novel where he uses popular movies to try and interpret how love should be, or not be. This teenage love story seeks answers to all these and more as it alternates between the past and the present events in the life of Rahul and makes you wonder; do all love stories have a happy ending?

This could have been your tale or mine but as fate would have it, it chose Rahul, an able-minded, brilliant boy from his school.

You’ll feel as if you’re seeing a movie, but a real stupid romantic movie. No doubt, it will be enjoyed by readers across all age groups. Kazi is a fellow member of the esteemed ‘Film Writers Association of India. Jul 30, Sarika Patkotwar rated it really liked it.

It has been edited nicely, but still could be better. And this all the more applies to the first book.

Very few books have the ability to play with time, not just in the sense that you lose track of all time when you r This book will surely challenge the fact that men don’t cry. The nostalgia, for the boy Rahul who is in Pennsylvania to go back to the school days and narrate that to us, that was also quite nicely done.

Faraaz has his soul in this one. This is a young adult book but is not something I would have my “young adult” family member reading.

Now about the book. The book took me back to my school days. It was the only battle he had lost in life, the only thing that had been snatched away from him, before he could even claim it. But, thats all the beginning. Nope, not my type of book.

Truly Madly Deeply

The pace and the story were okay it just didn’t speak to me. They still can’t get me beyond page 7 inertia. Farqaz do all love stories end, ever? Ttruly is chapter after chapter about a young man’s love for a girl in his school. Please merge these two books. The book tracks their lives along with their love life and the people embroiled in their story. Crisp prose combined with wonderful poetry in parts and pieces has an alluring effect on the reader’s senses and manages to draw you in the scheme of things.

So downloaded from Amazon. Apr 07, Vivek Tejuja rated it really liked it. Jan 15, Sakhi rated it really liked it. May 27, Sheila Friedman rated it did not like it. None of the characters captured my attention at all.

Every once in a while, when I’m feeling lazy about rewrites, I whip out this book to reassure myself that India needs me. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What disappointed me the most is I was expecting a Happy ending for the two but had tears in my eyes till the last page of the book.

For the book, the only word that comes to my mind is. Further suggestions might trupy found on the article’s talk page. Too good to be true. He had no idea of the rules governing grammar, let alone those required to write fiction. And just what kind of race is Anglo-American, anyway? Be prepared to read lots of poems I liked them though and shaayari Mr Kazi, if u wrote them then its great, otherwise oh WHY?

Her “role” in the book is rather small so I’ve very little to complain. Please merge these two books. His transition from a silly teenager to a mature boy, almost a man forms the crux of this brilliant macly.

I loved someone truly, madly, deeply!