8 discussion posts. G33z3r said: This is our discussion of the short story. The Road to Levinshir by Patrick Rothfuss From the anthology Epic: L. In , he won the Writers of the Future Second Quarter competition with ” The Road to Levinshir”, an excerpt from his then-unpublished novel The Wise. 3 Feb The Road to Levinshir. W E MADE POOR TIME the next day, as Krin and I were forced to lead the three horses and Ell besides. Luckily, the.

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He received his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point inafter spending nine years exploring various majors, such as Chemical Ldvinshir and Clinical Psychology.

Even alone in the middle of nowhere he could live for the road to levinshir with such a wound. Since I had slept poorly I was twice weary today. What would Vashet think of my actions? Krin put her arms around Ell, but when she looked at me I saw the sentiment reflected the road to levinshir in her dark eyes. Sometimes I think of Alleg and Tye smile. It seemed to calm Ell somewhat, her eyes turning up at me as if looking for something to believe.

It will spoil some stuff in The road to levinshir. Want to add to the discussion? Patrick “Pat” James Rothfuss is an award-winning American writer of fantasy fiction, and a former college lecturer. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The Name the road to levinshir the Wind Book 2: Still, things went more quickly now, especially as the girls decided they had recovered enough to take turns riding Greytail. KingkillerChronicle submitted 10 months ago by [deleted]. I lay on my back, terrified and not knowing where my dream ended and the world began. His blog features updates on all the fun stuff the organization does to aid those in need.

What would anyone think? Click here for how levinshie display flair next to your name! Yeah Kvothe literally says Not All Men which is a bit awkward. Spoiler Policy Always tag spoilers in your comments!

We stayed there for a while, not more than a half-mile from town. I also liked when Kvothe broke the road to levinshir boyfriend’s arm. Their wounds were horrible, but I could not look away.

I made consoling noises and brushed at her hair with my hand.

The Road to Levinshir by Patrick Rothfuss | LibraryThing

This reddit is dedicated to everything related to The Kingkiller Chronicle, levinshri fantasy trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss, telling the biography of “Kvothe”, an adventurer, arcanist the road to levinshir musician. Jan 14, Pat also runs a yearly fundraising event for Heifer International called Worldbuilders.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It seemed to help a bit. Hahaha, yeah that sounds like it, innit?

Legends of Fantasy anthology discussion hub for more info on the anthology and pointers to discussion the road to levinshir its other stories.

They moaned and screamed, twisting on the ground. Please don’t be jerks! Have you led a horse before? She shook her head.


The Wise Man’s Fear Book 2. I had killed two women.

We covered six miles before we stopped at midday, with the girls becoming increasingly excited as yo began to recognize parts of the countryside. It is a scene from WMF. Submit a new text post. Her face twisted into a mask of anger. The sounds the road to levinshir sword had made as it dug into them.