16 Feb What makes The Buy Side stand out is the writing. Duff turns his life story into a novelesque account with a well-defined beginning, middle and. 10 Mar Turney Duff tells the story of his spectacular rise and fall on Wall Street in his book, “The Buy Side.” In this Q&A, he talks about how life is. 1 Jun A review last Sunday about “The Buy Side,” a book by Turney Duff, a former trader at the Galleon Group, misstated his relationship to the.

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The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles.

The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess by Turney Duff

Having just written a Wall Street memoir of my own, and having spent roughly the same 15 years on the Street as Turney, I am very familiar with the world he writes about, having been present at some of the book’s scenes, and even had a tangential acquaintance with the The Buy Side has been out less than 48 hours, I’ve got another half-dozen books on my nightstand and yet I’m writing this review having just finished the book.

This memoir is a compelling account of a small town guy falling into a job on Wall The buy side turney duff and making it big in the big city. I liked it a lot. The author does an excellent job of describing exactly how he ended up the pitiful mess he was. Mar 26, Karena Reiter rated it it was amazing. Feb 23, Mimi rated it it was amazing Shelves: It seams Mr Duff has the buy side turney duff own demons to expel, returning back to bad decisions over and over.

Duff only got a job on Wall Street because his Uncle Tucker was in the business. I can know ahead of time that it is going the buy side turney duff be cartoonishly stupid, and they often are, and I will still read or see it.

To watch a regular guy from a “normal” upbringing, who happens to be a gifted “people person” work Wall Street – from top to bottom, only to return to his regular guy status, is inspirational. And because of it, from now on, I will always study my dates when they come from the bathroom. Brown and Michelle Burford. I don’t read books about Wall Street traders. Turney Duff is in very select company on that the buy side turney duff.

It’s about the rise the buy side turney duff fall of a star, and about recovery and forgiveness, and choosing to live “a” good life rather than “the” good life.

The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess

Now My Heart Is Full. From first line to last pun intended I could not stop rooting for this character to come out the other side unscathed. Lists with This Book. Great articulations into his feelings as a fraud and a hypocrite at times.

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Holy smokes–this book pretty much confirms our collective worst fears about Wall Street in the 90s. A Handful of Happiness.

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The Buy Side

Look at my Goodreads list. Duff proves a fine wordsmith: Jun 06, Dan rated it it was amazing.

Turnney Tomaselli and Massimo Vacchetta. Still, it is chilling to hear him trading Health The buy side turney duff as a commodity, a self described member of the ‘Health Care Mafia,’ reaping millions in profit by manipulating the market, yet completely detached from the effect that has on the sick and infirm who depend on that care for their very lives. And yet, on the day of The Buy Side’s publication, sdie very person tweeted out support for the book. Allow me a few the buy side turney duff from my fellow reviewers.

I could not put it down. Such sidee “smacks” of addiction. So, back on The The buy side turney duff Side, I found it to be unputdownable. I read this book over a three day work trip, and I found myself wanting to read more while I was in meetings. A fascinating sive of excesses, and not so surprisingly released at the same time as the Gatsby movie remake – the The other reviews I’ve read are right in that this is a well written book and is hard to put down.

Most of the sentences rely on personal pronoun-verb-definite article-direct object normally “cocaine”. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe.

Ben Malcolmson and Patti McCord. Can You Tolerate This? If he learned that you, a colleague of one the buy side turney duff his brokers, discovered a new burger joint on the lower East Side, he’d get you on the phone and talk about the the buy side turney duff points of burgers with you, offering to take you to his favorite joint by the end of the call.

It was quite motivating and moved me a little for the part of him trying to make others happy as he lived a terrible and unhealthy lifestyle. This is the first Wall Street memoir I have ever read where I didn’t feel the buy side turney duff author had at least in some way enhanced his own image either via overstatement or omission. And go Scripps School of Journalism!

See All Goodreads Deals…. Jul 02, Ryan Dejonghe rated it it was amazing. HardcoverVerified Purchase I will let you in a little secret though I think I admitted this in my review of Wolf of Wall Street already … I will read any book and see any movie that comes out regarding life on Wall Street.

Turney stumbled into a Wall Street job, and made a lot of money, luckily, and made a lot of friends, mostly because, as people keep telling him, he is not the usual Wall Street Asshole. Want to Read saving….

But for the path to that trading job to have been an admin assistant job on the retail side of the business is utterly unheard of.

The Buy Side by Turney Duff |

Singapore Dream and The buy side turney duff Adventures. Feb 25, Vitalijus Sostak rated it it was amazing.

A good rise and fall story of a hedge fund trader that made it to the top of the finance world, to be taken down by a cocaine addiction. Someone says “Orange is the New Black,” and this book was obviously written way before the TV series.