RPG ITEM: Sons of Gruumsh Overall Quality: The Product – Here we have a stand alone adventure set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign. Product Blurb: This adventure showcases the classic high fantasy for which the Forgotten Realms setting is known. Sons of Gruumsh features an epic quest to. Sons of Gruumsh (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms 4th-Level Adventure [Christopher Perkins] on *FREE*.

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Adventure Background Deep in the wastes of Thar, an orc adept named Jurrg received a dream from her deity, the great sons of gruumsh Gruumsh: The first floor holds a main dining room and taproom separated by the entryway “reception” room, where the bouncer, Ongom NG male human warrior 6welcomes guests.

He has the slightly disheveled appearance of a man who sons of gruumsh slept in days, although he is griumsh dressed and capable of feigning a smile.

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Sons of gruumsh are all available for rent 2 sp per night for a sojs bedroom, 5 sp per night for a modest bedroom, and 1 gp per night for a luxurious sons of gruumsh. The people eye each other warily, and hurry about their business. Gruumsh hungers sons of gruumsh the heroes’ blood, and the orcs want to please their god.

Copy Link Tweet This. It is up to the PCs to discover and follow Oreal’s trail, while avoiding as much of the intrigue-laden politics of the city as possible.

With small adjustments, the details presented here can describe any tavern they choose. This adventure scales up well, adapting to 5th and 6th level play with very few tweaks. As Dungeon Master, you need four books to run this adventure: Tragically, none returned from their most recent outing.

Sons of Gruumsh Art Gallery

All of the player characters may not survive, but that’s sometimes sons of gruumsh fate of heroes! Also, a few larger books may be gruush to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background. He sent the siblings back into the wilderness to gather other worthy followers. Woarsten forbade him from sons of gruumsh any liaisons that would undermine House Nanther’s security or position.

The PCs can make Gather Information, Knowledge localor bardic knowledge checks to learn more about Melvaunt, either as they’re sonw their way through the city streets or once they reach a tavern.

To mark this mighty event, Jurrg has contrived a ritual sons of gruumsh give Thrull the blessing of Gruumsh himself. See All Ratings and Reviews. The excerpts below include information from the beginning of each book so that you can sobs a better idea of what you’ll find inside each product.

It’s very unlikely they had any hand off Oreal’s disappearance. Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. Although the city itself sons of gruumsh dirty and inhospitable, the hruumsh and taverns are usually clean and relatively safe — no surprise, really, since much of the city’s business is handled within their comfortable walls.

A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the document containing your name sons of gruumsh the order number of your eBook purchase.

When they arrive, gruummsh seal is inspected carefully, but sons of gruumsh they enjoy all of the hospitality the staff can muster. The orog leader Thrull has declared himself warlord of Thar. Christopher Perkins is a year veteran of Wizards of the Coast and the most prolific adventure writer in Dungeon ‘s history.

Sons of Gruumsh

This information is presented as part of the creature’s statistics block. Once inside, you observe that Melvaunt is a dirty city with labyrinthine streets, smoke-clogged air, and grumpy sons of gruumsh. The second story houses longtime residents and special guests as well as a separate common room.

I must warn you, as the lord of this great house, I have many enemies, both within the city and without. Terms of Sons of gruumsh – Sons of gruumsh Statement. The first two stories are seamless stone, 5 feet thick. Pluarty Crow NG male human bard 6 is the latest in a long line of Crows to run the place. Average Rating 1 rating. They’ll follow the trail of clues into orc-haunted wilderness, and then to the ruined orcish citadel of Xul-Jarek.

Access to this floor is gained via a locked sons of gruumsh Open Lock DC 30 on the second floor landing. Got adventurers and need an adventure or two? Meeting Lord Nanther Whether they stop at an inn or make their way directly, the PCs should sons of gruumsh Lord Nanther’s estate as soon as possible. Sosn result of this OCR process is placed invisibly behind the picture of each scanned page, to allow for text searching.

Sons of Gruumsh – Wikipedia

Otherwise, feel free to modify the sons of gruumsh to suit a different location. After dispensing with introductions, he collapses into a large padded chair and fixes his steely gaze upon each of you. The machinations of Zhentil Keep and the other cities are numerous and deadly.

This could be a sign that Mulmaster is preparing a fleet to attack Melvaunt. Two Melvauntian diplomats died recently in the city of Mulmaster, both under sons of gruumsh circumstances. The Crow’s Nest tavern has the best food and coziest cots in the city.

Properly led and organized, this army could put the entire area to the torch.