2 On or after 1 July , this Code will be mandatory for fire safety systems required by the SOLAS Convention, as amended. Any future amendment to . 22 Jul The Safety system on chapter II-2 of SOLAS is known as Fire Safety System Code (FSS code).It includes ISC,fire fighting system,fire suit,fire. 23 Sep “Equipment” includes appliances. “FSS Code” means the International Code for Fire Safety Systems, published by the IMO. “FTP Code” means.

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For solas ffa code, the Administration should consider the following minimum design features:. If the detection system is fitted with remotely and individually identifiable fire detectors, the sections may cover several decks and serve any number of enclosed spaces. Fixed-pressure water-spraying fire-extinguishing systems for machinery spaces and cargo pump-rooms shall be approved by the Administration based on the guidelines developed by the Organization 1.

In addition, pipes passing through accommodation areas shall be joined only by welding and shall not be fitted with drains or other openings within such spaces. In these events, a solas ffa code breathing apparatus, which is specifically suited for such applications, shall be used.

Chapter 16 Fixed hydrocarbon gas detection systems 1 Application 1. The means for disconnecting the detectors shall be designed to automatically restore the system to normal surveillance after a predetermined time that is appropriate ffs the operation solas ffa code question.

The setting of the relief valves shall not be less than 1. Adjacent spaces with independent ventilation systems not solas ffa code by at leas A-0 class divisions should be considered as the solws space. Such feeders shall run to an automatic change-over switch situated in or adjacent to the control panel for the fire detection system.

But solas ffa code no cargo control room is provided, they shall be placed in a position easily solass to the officer in charge of cargo operations.

This chapter details the specifications for fixed pressure water-spraying and water mist fire-extinguishing systems as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention.

The amendments to SOLAS and Fire Safety Systems FSS Code

Suitable instructions for testing solas ffa code maintenance shall be available. Carbon dioxide systems shall not be used for the protection of special category spaces. Detectors shall be located on the overhead at a minimum distance of 0.

It shall be recognized that the evacuation routes to the embarkation deck may include an assembly station. Such spaces include void spaces with no solas ffa code of combustibles, private bathrooms, public toilets, fire-extinguishing medium storage rooms, cleaning gear lockers in which flammable liquids are not stowedopen deck spaces and enclosed promenades having little or no fire risk and that are naturally ventilated by permanent openings. As a minimum, ducts shall be led to every second deck, including movable decks.

Foam delivery ducts shall be constructed of steel solas ffa code a thickness of not less than 5 mm. Sampling pipes shall be a minimum of 12 mm internal diameter.

The alarms shall operate for the length of time needed to evacuate the space, but in no case less than 20 s. Calculations shall be made seperately for the two cases of occupancy of the spaces specified below. Solas ffa code mist fire-extinguishing systems for machinery spaces and cargo pump-rooms shall be approved by the Administration based on the guidelines developed by the Organization 1.

Where the sources of power for the pump are electrical, these shall be a codf generator and an emergency source of power. In passenger ships any section of sprinklers shall not serve more than two decks and shall not be situated in more than one main vertical zone. Solas ffa code 05 Fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention.

All nozzles shall be able to be removed for inspection splas order to prove clear of debris. If smoke is sensed, the repeater panel normally on ssolas bridge automatically sounds an alarm not localized. One control shall be used for opening the valve of the piping which conveys the gas into the solas ffa code space and a second control shall be used to discharge the solas ffa code from its storage containers. Where the deck foam system is supplied by a eolas line from the fire main, additional foam concentrate shall be provided for operation of two nozzles for the same period of time required for the foam system.

The number and disposition of foam main outlets shall be such that foam from at least two applicators can be directed on to any part of the cargo tanks deck area. Suitable provisions shall be made to prevent inadvertent release solas ffa code the solas ffa code into the space. Different foam concentrate types shall not be mixed in silas high-expansion foam system. The power source shall be sufficient to maintain the operation of the fire detection solas ffa code fire alarm system for the periods ocde under chapter II-1, regulations 42 and 43, of solaw Convention and, at the end of that period, shall be capable of operating all connected visual and audible fire alarm signals for a period of at least 30 min.

In addition to complying with the foregoing requirements, the systems in all respects shall be as determined by, and to the satisfaction of, the Administration. The fans shall be of sufficient capacity to operate with the normal conditions or ventilation in the protected area and cose connected pipe size shall be determined with consideration of fan suction capacity and piping arrangement to satisfy the conditions of paragraph 2.

Means shall be provided to prevent such loops from being emptied by vacuum. The ducts shall be arranged with at least 1 m free space in front of the foam delivery ducts, unless tested with less clearance.

In cargo ships and on passenger ship cabin balconies the fixed solas ffa code rfa and fire alarm system shall, as a minimum, have section identification capability. The number of accumulators connected to each sampling pipe shall ensure compliance solas ffa code paragraph 2. An electric, hydraulic or pneumatically driven fan is provided to aerate the solution.

Chapter 11 Low-location lightings systems 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for low-location lighting systems as required by chapter II-2 of the Cod.

Chapter 03 Personnel cods 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for personnel protection as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. The position of the lower located gas sampling point shall be above the height of the girder of bottom shell plating but at least 0.

PART IV: SOLAS CHAPTER II-2 Construction – Fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction

For systems using flue gas, flue gas solas ffa code valves shall be fitted in the solas ffa code gas mains between the boiler uptakes and the flue gas scrubber. Foam generators using outside air typically consist of nozzles enclosed within a casing that spray onto a screen.

Any future amendment to the Code must be adopted and brought solas ffa code force in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article VIII of ffw Convention.

No other switch shall be permitted in the feeders concerned. The stand-by pump may be a pump used for other services so long as its use for cooling would not interfere with any other essential service of the ship. Branch piping for inert gas shall be fitted with either stop valves or equivalent means of control for isolating each tank.

FSS Code – Wikipedia

In case the system is out of order, procedures shall be in place to continue to monitor the atmosphere with portable instruments and to record the cods results. If the working language of the ship is not English, French, nor Spanish, a translation into one of these languages shall be solas ffa code.

A minimum of two generators shall be installed in every space. Solas ffa code workshops and similar spaces may be covered with only one foam generator. Continuous sampling from other locations may also be considered provided the solas ffa code rate is complied with. Extracted air from the protected spaces is drawn through the smoke accumulators and sampling pipes to the viewing chamber, and then to the smoke sensing chamber where the airstream is monitored by electrical smoke detectors.