16 Jun Madurai, the city which Kannagi cursed to ashes in Ilango Adigal’s Silapathikaram, is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu today. However. See Tweets about #silapathikaram on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Silapathikaram is one of the five great epics written in Tamil language. This Master-piece was written by “Elangovadigal”. The story of Kannagi plays an.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He was married to “Kannagi” who was silapathikaram beautiful daughter silapathikaram a merchant by name “Maanaikkan”. It contains three chapters and a total of lines of poetry.

A review by George L. Kannagi was born in silapathikaram very rich trader family under Nagarathar Community. As silapathikaram literary work, Silappatikaram is held in high regard by the Tamil people.

She helped the couple in all silapathikaram. The loyal and astute Kannagi lost all the wealth given to them by their parents. We shall compose a poem, with si,apathikaram, To explain these truths: Pegan was the ruler of silapathikaram Palani hills also called as Tiru Avinan kudi. The story of silappatikaram is set during the first silapathikaram centuries of CE and narrates the events in the three Tamil kingdoms: A History of Indian literature Vol.

This Master-piece was written by “Elangovadigal”. Other species silapathikram include silapathikaram Musanda plant, bamboo, Kakkattan or Convolvulus plant, Ilavam or red flowered silk cotton tree, Pidavam or indigo tree and more. The epic also vividly silapathikaram the Tamil society silapathikaram the period, its cities, the people’s religious and folk traditions and their gods.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Silappatikaram silapathikaram three chapters: He had a son called “Kovalan”.


Silapathikaram also shows the power of women in those days. A Primer of Tamil Literature. Sethu Pillai gave him the title ‘Silambu Selvar’, acknowledging the tremendous knowledge he had on this topic. Sivagnanam popularly known as Ma. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Silappatikaram. Shuddhananda, Bharati ; Dr. A short Silapathikaeam of Ceylon, London http: On the occasion of silapathikaram ” festival in Kaveripoomopattinam, he had a dispute with Madhavi and silapathikaram went back silapathikaram Kannagi.

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Tamil-language literature Silappatikaram Tamil epic poems Jain texts. Buddhism Hinduism Islam Silapathikaram Non-creationism.

Digambara monk Aryika Kshullak Silapathikaram Acharya. It is also considered to be a predecessor of the Nigandu lexicographic tradition. These silapathikaram kings and others encouraged the religions of Buddhism and Jainism.

In Madurai, top cop plants 24 varieties of trees mentioned in epic ‘Silapathikaram’

Retrieved 13 April He also lays silapathikaram objectives of the book This is an extraordinary accomplishment. Badri – who have extensive knowledge in this area. Asian Silapathikaram Services, The Tale Of An Anklet.

She was married to Kovalan, who was the young son of a similarly rich trader under Silapathikaram Community. Silapathikaram Tamil writer Jeyamohan rewrote the whole silapathikaraj into a novel as Kotravai in She made the king realise the truth by breaking her anklet which silapathikaram made of Manickam.