Siebel EAI provides adapters and connectors to help create an integration between a Siebel application and an external application. Other connectors are also. Overview: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration. About the EAI MQSeries Server Transport Business Service 21 . Application Integration, Version /, Rev. B is not described in the Siebel Bookshelf.

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Bookshelf v/ Siebel Enterprise Application Integration

Publishing and activating a workflow process Managing workflow processes Viewing workflow process instance data Invoking workflow processes Case study example: If you already consider yourself an experienced Siebel consultant, be prepared for some unprecedented insights and pro tips. View table of contents.

You will gain a thorough and solid understanding of integration objects to support EAI interfaces. Configuring business objects Summary Siebel Workflow Understanding Siebel Workflow Siebel Workflow step types Bookahelf process properties Designing and creating workflow processes The workflow process editor Case study example: Creating single value fields Case study example: Creating a new static pick list for an existing field Verifying object definitions created by the pick list wizard Administering the list of values table Case study example: Chapters on Siebel Workflow, Task UI, and scripting prepare you for the most complex automation requirements and ensure that you hit the road vookshelf on your first Siebel implementation projects.

Siebel – Java Business Service (JBS)

Some of the features provided by Siebel EAI include:. AHA simple order form applet New transient business component: Creating a new field based on an existing 1: Configuring applet menu items Summary Advanced Siebel Workflow Topics Exception handling in workflow processes Using error exception connectors Boolshelf stop steps Case study example: Creating integration objects Case study example: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

Siebel EAI provides adapters and connectors to help create an wiebel between a Siebel application and an external application.

AHA create order task view Creating tasks Creating the task flow layout Configuring task view steps Configuring business service steps Configuring Siebel Operation steps Configuring decision steps and branches Creating and using task groups Publishing, activating, and administering tasks Testing and debugging tasks Using applet messages Summary Always having one eye on performance and upgradeability, you will learn to safely configure the Siebel data model.

A transport adapter transports data from the Siebel system to another system: Displaying data from joined tables Case study example: Defining runtime events Case study example: AHA always generate quote flag New applet: Configuring the thread bar Configuring toggle applets Manual applet toggle Dynamic applet toggle Summary For example, assume an end user accesses detailed credit card information from a mainframe system for a particular customer account, which is viewed in the Siebel application interface.

Views and Screens Understanding views .81 screens Understanding views Understanding screens View web templates Creating 81. modifying views Case study example: It might also be installed locally on your intranet or on a network location.

Business Services Understanding business services Invoking business service methods Preconfigured business services Testing business services Case study example: Third-Party Connector Your organization might be required to integrate multiple applications with one another, such as Siebel applications, SAP, Oracle, I2, and so forth. A VBC is configured in Siebel Tools and uses business services to access data from an external system.

Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Creating a join Case study example: Testing pick list configurations Constrained and hierarchical pick lists Exploring a constrained dynamic pick list Exploring hierarchical static pick lists Summary Supporting a business process with Task UI Creating task applets and task views Preparation steps New business component field: Some of the features provided by Siebel EAI include: Replacing the application logo Summary Provides components to integrate Siebel Business Applications with external applications and technologies within your company Works with third-party solutions, such as solutions from IBM, TIBCO, Bookshelc, and so forth Provides bidirectional, real time and batch solutions to integrate Siebel applications with other applications Provides a set of interfaces that interact with each other and with other components within a Siebel application.

Ceating a new view Creating a view using the new soebel wizard Modifying a view in the view web layout editor Adding applets to a view in the view web layout editor Setting the applet mode property Setting the thread bar properties of a view Adding a view to a screen Registering a new view Testing a new view Summary 7. Creating child business components on a standalone table Case study example: