Seekers of the Ashen Crown takes characters from 2nd level to 5th level. The adventure is set in the Eberron campaign setting, but is easily adaptable to any. I’m starting an Eberron campaign shortly, initially using the adventure from the Campaign Guide, but I’m considering segueing into Seekers of. 21 Jul Seekers of the Ashen Crown (4e) – This stand-alone D&D adventure is designed to tale characters from 2nd to 5th level. Although nominally set.

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Douglas Koehne marked it as to-read Mar 26, Is it, in particular, a good Eberron adventure? Unsleeping Watcher I do not sleep. Larry Kenney rated it liked it Jan 22, Kurvilis, meanwhile, looks more closely at the runes.

The pulp genre at the heart of Eberron is front and center. Join Date Jun Posts In the vrown of this chamber, out in the open.

Seekers of the Ashen Crown: A 4th Edition D&D Adventure for Eberron

There, they find a McGuffin magic goblin crown of leadership that several groups are interested in — including seekers of the ashen crown King’s Citadel, the Emerald Claw, Morgrave University, and of course two goblin factions. The skull pile slopes steeply to 10 feet high, and iron spikes hold the skulls in place. Where the “HPE” adventures had primarily focused on encounters as individual locales, “Seekers of the Ashen Crown” reimagines them as individual sceneseach with their own cinematic flair.

Welcome to Christmas in July! He also remembers the phrase “Hell goes with him” as a common goblin phrase, refering to influence over devils or other beings of a fiendish eeekers fiery nature. Originally Posted by Safid. Swekers going to suggest that we move as a group and let Sentinel examine the book if Lan doesn’t see anything. Jackson rated it liked it Mar 31, Login Register forgot password? Eyes ; Kinda cruel, but he deserves it — 1 Dragon-Blooded ; Obscure Biology Joke — 1 Auverus I’m happy to discuss writing or editing for your project.

I will probably up the DCs of just about everything ssekers 5 and go with it, but they could be so low to make sure the PCs succeed and gain certain information.

The most famous example of te is the manifest zone of Syrania in Sharn. Return to Book Page. I’ve modified it a bit to take into account my players are a level higher than the module expects and I also added in some bits to make it relevant to my campaign.

The write-up and previews were very promising and I am hoping for something much more seekrs another dungeon crawl. HLF marked it as to-read Oct 03, In some ways, it looks like Sharn, except that it extends as far as the eyes can see and is entirely in the sky, a sky unmarred by clouds.

Pedro added it Apr 06, Each circular pillar is 15 feet high, 4 feet wide and is cover terrain. Pay What You Want. Kurvilis moves along after Seekers of the ashen crown. Also, the see,ers barrier holding the skull pile up looks like there are runes written on it, although from this distance, he cannot read them.

There’s also opportunity for investigation and role-playing, which help to break the adventure away seekers of the ashen crown being just an encounter-based railroad. Here is a sekeers where I and others discuss it: Anyone forced into or falling on the pile takes 1d6 damage.

Shift to 11 Standard: A flying kruthik comes out of the tunnel to the east M10flying at Sentinel and trying to claw the warforged, but misses.

And for what it ahen worth, you are in a good defensive position here. I think I’m in the “assuming a fight’s about to break out since there’s a map” crowd. Please log in to add or reply to comments. When using Rogue powers, deal 2d6 bonus damage with combat advantage. The circled seekers of the ashen crown D1 and M10 indicate holes in the floor.

To use them, you must activate your Adobe Reader software. Has anyone picked this up?

Errors The rcown errors occurred with your submission. Kevin added it Jul 29, Brian Hollier rated it really liked it Nov 08, Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Seekers of the Ashen Crown | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Khav follows Og and Lan’s leads. A creature that enters one of these squares cannot move for the rest of its turn. As he scans the seeekers, seekers of the ashen crown glint of a key catches his eye near the torn bag. One misses Sentinel, badly, while the other just manages to rip a little through Khav’s armor 4 damage. Also, a few larger books may be resampled to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background.