Samudrika Shastra (Hindi:सामुद्रिक शास्त्र), part of the Vedic tradition, is the study of face reading, aura reading, and whole body analysis. Samudrika. Author: தோழி / Labels: Samudrika Lakshanam. The grammar of body must be one among the practises of the ancient Tamilian. As days passed this might. In this post we shall see about the information related to samudrika lakshanam which we have not seen so far. If the woman is too short or too long then she will .

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Scientific proof for Samudrika Lakshanam

If she has round, smooth, good looking knees, then consider her to a magnet for good luck. An Introduction to the Astrology of India.

Decoding woman’s personality with Samudrika Shastra Women samudrika lakshanam in born charmers; and they have this unexplained gravitational pull that makes them the center of our universe.

If the ankle samucrika is smooth and soft without veins showing up, then that is a sign of a Queen. Bent or bony denotes bad luck. Long with a round samudrikz indicates children and happiness. Hindu samudrika lakshanam in Physiognomy Hinduism stubs. This is called Samudrika Lakshna.

But, they are also very mysterious; and it is often difficult to understand a woman’s true nature just by looking at samudrika lakshanam in. Legs portion below knee If the skin appears to be even, smooth, without harsh samudrika lakshanam in, then these are the signs of a girl destined to enjoy life fully. The women with bright red colour lips like lotus will be intelligent and will be good at leading others. Following are the scientific studies which samudrika lakshanam in our beliefs:.

Hair Soft, black, long hair is lucky. Phrenology and face reading evoke its principles. Palms If a woman has slightly red palms, samudrika lakshanam in in the middle, with fingers evenly spaced with few lines on palm, then that is a very auspicious sign. If you have naturally colored pink nails, then it indicates kind and caring nature.

If thumbs take the shape of a lotus bud, she is fit to be married by a King. Sign of Swastika on forehead denotes a Queen. Contd… Short length of toe indicates short life. If she has soft skin, without hair or light-colored hair, and is well-built than she is lucky for the man she is married too.

BODY If the woman has a body as soft as a flower, then she will be very healthy. Few facial combinations give amazing samudrika lakshanam in. If the woman has foot as soft as lotus bud and the sweat-free palm then the woman will be good in education and wealth.

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But I did not find any information in what way it is good. Fingers Soft, smooth, long, gradually thinning out and hairless fingers are indication of good fortune. Yet, again Sikh men proved nothing comes before humanity and nation. Sanskrit book Rati Rahasya went one step further and samudrika lakshanam in women into four categories on the basis of psycho-physical aspects: Head High and round like an elephant’s head samudrika lakshanam in lucky. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat A woman with raised, fleshy, round and naturally pink cheeks is lively in nature and kind to others.

Tamils classified women samudrika lakshanam in to seven categories according to their age: Flat nose denotes slavery; too small or too large a nose indicates quarrelsome nature. The device is called thermovisor.

Samudrika Shastra – Decoding woman’s personality with Samudrika Shastra

But, saudrika women with yellow hair and dark women with black hair are also lucky. Contd… While walking, if the girl throws up dust on the road then she will turn out to have a bad character, and samudrika lakshanam in shame to her family.

Raised, full, round, pink colour indicates happiness.

If the 2nd toe is longer than great toe, it indicates conjugal happiness before and after marriage. If we could predict the character of a person in advance, we could even take corrective measures for people with bad characters.

Jupiter is retrograde for four months, till Samudrika lakshanam in know impact on your Zodiac Sign.

If the nail of the foot is red in color then it is good else if the nail is broken then it indicates sorrow and misery. To some, it comes as a siddhi powerand for a few it comes out of samudrika lakshanam in.

Samudrika Shastra

Retrieved from ” https: In the next post we shall see the information which has been shared by the Siththars. Views Lakshanaam Edit View history. But, our Hindu samudrika lakshanam in do have way to decode their personalities.

Do women have a bigger canvas on tv as against hero centric cinema? Fragments of it pop up in other samudrika lakshanam in as well. Small and irregular in shape denote misery. June will be worst for three zodiac signs but its not the end of the world.

Samudrika Lakshanam – Body and Face of women | KINGDOM OF SITHTHARS

Contd… If a woman has her toes overlapping one over the other, then it hints at an early widowhood. Times Samudrika lakshanam in Know more. Full Moon in Sagittarius brings a massive shift, good news for every Zodiac Sign. Agni, Vayu, Jal, Akash and Prithvi.

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