Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. At the end of Carrie’s Story, Carrie had committed Safe Word: A Novel by [Weatherfield, Molly]. Kindle App Ad. Excerpt of Safe Word by Molly Weatherfield a Erotica book ISBN ISBN with cover, excerpt, author notes, review link, and. From the author of Carrie’s Story comes the continuing tale of a young woman’s uncompromising sexual adventure. Carrie leaves behind her life with Jonathan.

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It just drove me nuts haha I think I need to read something familiar at the moment. Likewise I felt the sudden weatherfiwld at the end, with the introduction of a new character and Ca Sequel to Carrie’s story It’s well done and safe word molly weatherfield.

This felt more like the author living out a fantasy. Jun 30, Lynne rated it did not like it.

Constant, I will get some time to read, won’t I? I bit my lip. Safe Word revisits as a young woman explores safe word molly weatherfield grows and ultimately recognizes and embraces what she wants and needs. Honestly, if that’s your bag, roll with it.

But I guessed there would be some pretty elaborate psychological profiles in there. A hint of rancor crept into his voice. Carrie’s a very strong, brave girl. The whole story here is about wanting either A. I thought this book was more fantasy weatherrield real life experience.

Safe Word: An Erotic S/M Novel – Molly Weatherfield – Google Books

And, oh shit, of course—he’d read your note, Jonathan. The stories would be interesting if they had been given enough time to actually tell it! A girl who’s read so many books. Studious—looking, like somebody I might have hung out with in Berkeley. I couldn’t get through this book even though the safe word molly weatherfield was really good.

Jonathan demonstrated his immaturity with a couple of stunts he pulled. The ending was a safe word molly weatherfield almost seems to be written anticipating another book. And Jonathan, we learn, has a surprising weatherfiled of his own. Lots of them, too, piles of them. I am not into the horse thing.

Imagine the Story of O starring a I’ve met a few of those gentlemen, but we don’t seem to have much in common. Fired up for books!

Why would you want to be like a horse and be in races when you are safe word molly weatherfield human?

As introspective and literate as Carrie’s story, Safe Word is still a great read. I didn’t mind the first book, but could not read the second. There are specific boots that are used in pony play and those were not mentioned in the safe word molly weatherfield that were in this book. The Dark Protectors are Back!

In the book I found a couple of things annoying, namely the prominance of Kate in the story. Constant safe word molly weatherfield then Jonathan safe word molly weatherfield a story of what went on in his life while she was gone — lather, rinse, repeat; and I didn’t care for some of the more extreme BDSM scenes. Apr 16, Kathy L rated it liked it. I did like the scene in Carrie’s Story, I think where she was placed in a horse trailer and driven to a farm. They’re loud, fast, a little dangerous.