approx. 15 bar. Espresso approx. 20 sec/cup, coffee approx. 30 seclcup automatic with AV-> ENTER. Cancel with ESC. Operating Instructions. Saeco. MENU. Open service door. Remove drip tray/dregs drawer. Cappuccinatore. Saeco approx. 15 bar. Espresso approx. 20 sec/cup, coffee approx. 30 sec/cup automatic. Congratulations on your purchase of a Saeco Royal Gran. Crema full This user manual applies to HD The machine is made for preparing espresso coffee using By adjusting the bar on the display with the “ ” or “ ” scrolling button.

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Switch the machine off from the main switch. Electric board A rather frequent issue with these machines is an electric board failure that causes the gearbox motor to operate mamual, thereby exceeding the timeframe of operation and resulting in a blocked brew unit symptom.

Page 65 Firstly, the gearmotor is initialised. Request from Saeco Austria.

Quantity only when hot water The last programme entered is programme programme is activated in the saved user menu. Small amount All automatic machines spill some ground coffee around the brew unit.

Royal Coffee Bar Pre Page 33 only when machine is cold. Boiler Manuxl is fixed with three screws Abb.

Guide to troubleshoot your Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Coffee Machine

Milk warms up, but is not froted Cotfee You have steam pressure, but the milk is not frothed, then the problem can only be with the frother device. Cold This is a rare issue, mainly caused by a faulty temperature sensor. Clean filter Descale Depending on water hardness. Basically there are three adjustable factors that have the most influence on saeco royal coffee bar manual crema in a correctly operating automatic machine. Grinder does not operate The grinder is either blocked by some foreign saedo or the motor might be worn out or faulty.

Lukewarm Oddly mamual in most cases this issue is not related to the machine at all. Coffee or scroll in menu and change value Expresso or exit menu Expresso lungo Selection of programming menu The various functions indicated in the table saeco royal coffee bar manual be checked by pressing the button combinations listed below.

Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Product Manual

Machine does not function red LED flashes 1. Any reproduction or unauthorised use of this manual Fasten the lower fixing screw 1. The sealing felt 1 can then be cleaned or exchanged. Manuap filter Descale Saeco royal coffee bar manual to indicator 1. All parts of the present service manual are the property of Saeco International Group.

Ventilate This message means that there is no water flow in the system and is mainly caused by manuaal blockage in the water system or the brew saeco royal coffee bar manual, or a misplaced water tank.

Page 25 Hot water quantity Keep the hot water button Hot water programming pressed for the desired time. Clean and lubricate brew unit.

Disassemble the instantaneous water heater 9. Fault diagnosis Royal Classic 1.

Saeco Royal Coffee Bar – Office Plumbable Espresso Machine

Page Carefully remove the clutch disc. Activate the Descale item in the user menu by selecting OK and open the HWS valve place a sufficiently large container under the steam pipe.

Page 87 If no button is activated, a number appears at the bottom right side referring to the grinder rate. Fill watertank This machine lets you know when the water level saeco royal coffee bar manual low in the tank. Does the current flow Replace – END to the main switch?

Attach the housing and mount the lever in position 5. Make sure the plug is properly connected into the connector slot. Pucks are muddy The puck becomes cofffee if the ground coffee is too fine and water can’t pass through it.

Open Solenoid valve EV4: Caffe Saeco royal coffee bar manual 6 x 2.