Naatak presents its 31st production. Patol Babu Film Star and Other Plays. A Collection of Plays in English by Academy Award Winner Satyajit Ray. Cubberley . 18 Apr Patol Babu is an important lesson for Class 10 English. to belong to the film industry and he was looking for an actor for an impending film. FREE NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English, Chapter 5 – Patol Babu Film Star from NCERT Textbook (Literature Reader Cbse Solutions).

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He never lost faith in reality and overtook all challenges in life and faced all difficulties. I hope you won’t turn him away. I’ll be paid, of course, but that’s not the main thing.

Patol Babu, Film Star

Patol Babu, like many other star-struck youngsters, has always wanted to be an actor. For Patol Babu the creative satisfaction was more important than money. Don’t move from your positions and don’t crowd round the camera, please!

He performs the role in the film also with perfection, and to his satisfaction which reflect that he is a true actor.

Patol filmm that the offer was his first step on the ladder to success. The cloud had just covered the sun and brought down the temperature. True enough, the moustache suited him very well. Patol Babu was called in exactly half an hour. Along with, he worked out how he would react physically when the collision take patop, how his features would be twisted in pain, how he would express pain and surprise. You’re hurt in the head and say “Oh!

Patol Babu, Filmstar – Class 10 English Explanation, Summary, Difficult Words

He was very excited. However, Patol Babu quietly left the set. With a slight tremor in his heart, Patol Babu advanced towards the entrance. And remind me to take some ginger juice tonight.

The company dismissed many of its employees in order to reduce its expenditure. However, sample solutions have been provided for your reference.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 5 Patol Babu, Film Star English

Well… I forgot to tell you my role was with the hero of the film—Chanchal Kumar. When the shot was ready, he suggested to Barren Mullick if he had a newspaper open in his hand then it would be more natural and realistic. After watching the film shoot for sometime, he asked for his dialogue so bavu he could memorise and rehearse it.

Each tone reflected a different meaning. He took a flat in a street filn Nepal Bhattacharji lane to live in. You think that’s nothing?

Naresh took him along with him. It took him another ten minutes to walk to Faraday House. He had to learn his dialogue. It is very different from stage. It is true that he needed money very badly, but what was twenty rupees when measured against stzr intense satisfaction of a small job done with perfection and dedication? It was nearly half past nine. Naresh called out to Sosanko who was wearing a short — sleeved shirt.

He asked if there were any dialogues for him. You get a chance to rehearse your part. Patoo of heavy equipments and expensive cameras are used. Indeed, stat was a time when people bought tickets especially to see him — talented. This was because Mr. It’s a seven-storey office building. He went quickly over to him.