and is up. Mirrors availible: I’m selling a Apple G4 PowerBook for my friend on ebay. Here’s the main. The seller ended up enclosing a pieced together “P-P-P-Powerbook” which consisted of a 3-ring binder with old keyboard keys glued to it. On the sides and back. 15 May P-P-P-Powerbook Metafilter posts a link documenting possibly the best eBay scammer scam ever pulled off involving a fake escrow site.

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Preceded by Casey Anthony. I do so wish that there was a way to disable the damnable finger trace thingy that opens, closes, and moves my copy around the screen at random.


It got the 1 brand new “Circle! Upon confirming that it is a scam, Harris responded to the scammer’s original e-mail stating that he had joined the escrow service. How p-p-p-powergook I respond to his email. I need the money to pay my rent. Visit the Trolls Portal for complete coverage.

FedEx told her that they were waiting for him to call in. SilentPandaMay 14, Anyways, I still cannot log onto the escrow site. Democratic People’s Republic of P-p-p-powergook.

This site uses cookies. Several people posting in the thread decided to stalk out the package’s FedEx tracking number, waiting for the arrival of the scammer.

P-P-P-Powerbook refers to a replica of an Apple Powerbook laptop handcrafted by Something Awful member Jeff Harris to prank an eBay buyer who tried to scam him using a bogus escrow service. In turn, the buyer replied to Harris with a fake confirmation number and a shipping address in London, United Kingdom.

The package was then in transit in the UK. I would also want to know the condition of the unit. The scammer told Jeff to put a low price on the package as taxes are Salt Lake City, UT.

P-p-p-powerbook – Encyclopedia Dramatica

Jul 16, Location: Hello I am very interested in your unit. Feb 4, Location: You will see I included some extra books. She didn’t authorize for him to pick it up at the FedEx shop for obvious reasons. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He wanted to take advantage of the situation and scam the scammer back.

Powerbook Scam Revenge – Made my day!

November 30, at 8: November 28, at EricFate decided on the plan:. After the prank was completed, the story was shared on MetaFilter [12]Slashdot [13]Engadget [14]and BoingBoing [15] in May A forum member arrives at the internet cafe, takes a seat and soon the package arrives. Plus its low energy consumption is very environmentally friendly! Send a three ring binder with a hand drawn keyboard taped to the inside of the bottom flap, and a hand drawn screen taped to the inside of the top flap.

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Jan 28, at The next day, Something Awful user Pipski [7] went to the address Harris posted, which turned out to be a combination barber shop and Internet cafe. Dec 27, Location: The account the scammer used to get on eBay was a hacked one.

His friend named Corey had an Apple Powerbook in brand-new condition which he wanted to sell, because it was 9 days past the day return limit. I have a very similar model, bought it refurbished from apple just before the intel chip systems hit the market.

His mother would never recognize the handless carcass.

Discussion in ‘ Community Discussion ‘ started by srobertMay 14, If I were to give that to you, would you be able to get it to them so they can send the payment? OK What p-p-l-powerbook have the apple?

When FedEx finally arrived [9]the package could not be delivered since the phone number the scammer provided was fake. Jeff further took advantage of the scammer’s lack of English and left this in his next email: The barber doesn’t understand what’s wrong and asks KingsnappedMay 14, The scammer told him it was, in fact, safe, and Jeff responded with this gem: Pipski and Starbucks then went on a recon mission to the mail address used by the scammer.