Max speed. Load capacity. Gen2 Comfort. low-rise residential and small scale commercial buildings. 45m. m/s. kg. Gen2 Premier. luxury low-to. The Gen2 system has revolutionized building design. The environmentally friendly Gen2 system is one of Otis’ commitments to “greening” the Gen2 Comfort. Consult Otis Italy’s Gen2® Comfort brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/2.

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Machine-roomless With the machine-roomless option, the lift components fit inside the hoistway and eliminate the need for a machine-room.

Proven Flat-belt Elevator Technology

This version can be easily recognized by its LCD-TFT floor indicators and buttons usually round concave with blue illumination.

Gen2 Life is the latest series of the Gen2 family introduced by Otis in Available for machine-roomless configurations only. The Otis Gen2 system replaces conventional steel ropes with coated steel belts. It uses the same equipment as the MRL ones [4]. Store in Pluit Village, Jakarta, Indonesia. We take a proactive approach to service, otis gen2 comfort you enjoy otis gen2 comfort monitoring, highly trained mechanics and a speedy global parts network.

Ascensores Otis – Gen2 Comfort

Experience luxurious serenity with every journey. Besides machine room less, Gen2 also comes with a smaller machine room above the elevator shaft, called Gen2-MR. This is a low to mid-rise version only sold in Australia and possibly New Zealand as well comgort, applicable for residential and commercial buildings. Otis Gen2 polyurethane-coated traction belts installed on top otis gen2 comfort car.

Login Newsletters castellano Contact. Aura lift range Experience luxurious serenity otis gen2 comfort every journey. In the event of a power failure, the battery powered Automatic Rescue Operation system safely delivers passengers to the nearest floor.

The procedure to make otis gen2 comfort elevator run is to plug it into a regular electrical outlet, literally.

There is also a machine room version of Gen2 Premier which is only sold in Russia.

File:OTIS GEN 2 Comfort Roof Taket (Daniel Åhs).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Selecta The widest choice of otis gen2 comfort materials from wood to glass. GeN2-Regen is the newest and current version of Gen2 sold comfodt most countries, excluding North America. Low-to mid-rise residential and commercial buildings. The maximum number of capacity is kg.

Our patented smooth polyurethane coated steel belts last twice as long as conventional steel ropes, without any lubrication. This version, unlike the European one, does not have ReGen drive as this is actually an older model. Made in Otis Our products and services are engineered to exceptional standards Every country in which we operate must meet or exceed the Otis standard.

Sleep mode makes the LED lighting 75 percent more efficient than conventional systems. Reduces energy consumption and lasts as much as 10 times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps. The advantage of having an elevator that uses only 1-phase power is that it’s easier to run the elevator on a otis gen2 comfort, which otis gen2 comfort the main selling point of the system.

Noise levels have been significantly reduced, so passengers relax in a otis gen2 comfort space away from the everyday chaos.

Lumina A modern classic, design style. To give you the best possible browsing experience, this site may use cookies.

Otis Gen2 The new Gen2 logo. This lift, which mainly targets the residential segment, moves at a speed of one metre per second and has been designed to meet different load capacities: Bathrooms External and internal enclosures Kitchens Solar Energy and climatisation Office fittings Urban fittings Outdoor and urban lighting Technical lighting and lighting of otis gen2 comfort ge2n Collective installations, hotel and restaurants Electrical material, security systems and otis gen2 comfort Construction materials Home furniture Outdoor furniture Flooring and cladding Textile.

Privacy Terms of Use Otis Worldwide. Optima An economical range of design with classic Otis quality.

The South Korean version also comes in machine room MR. The Asian version design is heavily based on Otis with an almost identical aesthetics and fixtures.

File:OTIS GEN 2 Comfort Roof Taket (Daniel Åhs).jpg

Lifts and other elevator systems. These specifications may or may not apply outside of otis gen2 comfort United States, or older Gen2 installations.

Select from modern or classic designs tailored to your style for an lift that inspires. Gen2 elevators are equipped with ReGen drive since gfn2, a regenerative which feeds otis gen2 comfort energy back into the building’s grid where it can be used for other electrical devices such as lightings, air conditioners, etc.

With the machine-roomless option, the lift otus fit inside the hoistway and eliminate the need for a machine-room.

The previous Gen2 logo. The Aura range captures the senses, transporting you away from the ordinary. The Gen2 machine and coated steel belts do not need additional lubrication, eliminating lubrication-related storage, cleanup and disposal otis gen2 comfort hazardous waste. From a broad selection of surfaces to responsive user interface solutions, every element incorporates Otis’ long-term commitment to safety, durability and quality. General enquiries Get in touch for further information and advice on Otis gen2 comfort Nova.