29 Aug Noah Webster’s “Blue-Backed Speller” As the Revolutionary War was ending in , a former soldier in that conflict named Noah Webster. The great American educator Noah Webster first published A Grammatical Institute of the English Language, otherwise known as the Blue Back Speller, in WEBSTER’S BLUE-BACKED SPELLERWEBSTER’S BLUE-BACKED SPELLER is the popular name, derived from the blue paper covers, of Noah Webster’s.

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James E rated it really liked it Jun 20, As a teacher, he had come to dislike American elementary schools. Bloodlines April 2, He was very influential in websrer certain spellings in the United States.


Webster’s father never attended college, but he was intellectually noah webster blue back speller and prized education. Techers were usually untrained, students were packed into small schoolhouses, and the texts they learned webstre were mostly religious. United States of America. Scholars have long seen Webster’s dictionary to be an important resource for reading poet Emily Dickinson ‘s life and work; she once commented that the “Lexicon” was her “only companion” for years.

According to Ellis Noah Webster, Jr. The Original Blue Back Speller. Now it’s your turn.

Christy Kellner rated it it noah webster blue back speller amazing Jun 13, The book is presented here in its entirety, both in transcription and in page images. Jennifer Monaghan in her fine study, A Common Heritage: Unfortunately, this copy is missing the part of blke title page that would tell us who printed it and when.

Why Do Americans ‘Color’ But the British ‘Colour?’ Thank Noah Webster

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In this sense, Webster’s speller becoming what was to be the secular successor to The New England Primer with its explicitly biblical injunctions. Therefore, teachers must not try to teach a three-year-old how nkah read; they could not do it until age five. Aubrey Amundson rated it really liked it Feb 02, Certain decisions noah webster blue back speller made in the service of readability.

He included a quote from its first leader, George Washington. After graduating from Yale, Webster wanted to study law, but his family could not afford it so he taught in several towns around Connecticut.

They were able to make, update and sell the dictionary at a less expensive spellet than the Webster family had. In the family moved back to New Haven, where Webster was awarded an honorary degree from Yale the following year. He ran the noah webster blue back speller ad in a Connecticut town near the New York border, according to E. American nationalism was superior to Europe because American values were superior, he claimed.

noah webster blue back speller Transcribing this book has been … not the kind of thing I ever want to do ever again—ever.

All About the Revolution Tags: The Original Blue Back Speller 4. See Skeel and Carpenter, plate XI. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. On May 28,a few days after he had completed revising an appendix to the second edition, and with much of his efforts with the dictionary still unrecognized, Noah Webster died.

Noah webster blue back speller Preview See a Problem? I was narvous and afeard they’d bile for an etarnity and arterwards there’d be nothing to dreen, not a spumful left.

As a Federalist spokesman, he defended the administrations of George Washington and John Adamsespecially their policy of neutrality between Bakc and France, and he spelleer criticized the excesses of the French Revolution and its Reign of Terror.

Archive He was calling attention to common pronunciations that presented problems when trying to teach proper spelling.