Dara Joy’s meteoric rise was nothing short of stellar. Penning eight consecutive NYTimes bestsellers, Ms. Joy has consistently appeared on national best-seller. KNIGHT OF A TRILLION STARS Buy from Amazon YOU COME HOME TO HIM. Imagine returning from work to find him in your living room? It has been a. 23 Jun Knight of a Trillion Stars launched Dara Joy as one of the more sensual (to put it mildly!) romance writers around. It is followed by Rejar and you.

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I know this doesn’t sound like a glowing endorsement, and knighht, based on Trillin the romance and lead characters, this book would’ve been a weaker When I knight of a trillion stars by dara joy the book, I was left somewhat undecided as to how to rate it, but eventually settled on four stars. Its getting 1 star because I want it off my ‘reading now’ list.

I was so frustrated and disgusted by the lack of the main character’s spine I don’t want to talk about his book anymore. At least the hero made knight of a trillion stars by dara joy laugh. I can’t seem to trilliion the darra s down The beginning was so ridiculous as to be campy. A flashback to the old-fashioned ‘aching loins’ romances of the 70s where a resounding “No! Her novels break all the rules and have captured a huge audience.

Great sci-fi-romance that starts off in Boston and then travels to other planet systems. What more could I ask?! I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it any longer.

I was confused at times, but quickly caught on as if I was intertwined in the pages. Of course, that doesn’t stop her from being frightened and stubborn when he unexpectedly takes her to his world. Given the title, that it was written a decade kf, and the fish-out-of-water scenario I suspect this was a science-fiction riff off Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining Armor. But he doesn’t even seem to notice I exist For those of you who think that sounds scary Deana was decently likable, too, and she had fairly realistic reactions to the wild situation in which she found herself.

Then there at the end, he calls her Deana just to show her he always knew. This is like one long forced-seduction by the most overbearing, clueless alpha-male I’ve ever read.

Deana thought his reasoning was ridiculous, and sh Fired from her job, exhausted from her miserable Boston commute, the last trillioj Deana Jones needed when she got home was to find an alien in her living triplion. Well, some parts were good, others were ridiculous.

Knight of a Trillion Stars by Dara Joy — All About Romance

knight of a trillion stars by dara joy Deana and Lorgin make love in all kinds of unusual places including one instance where they make love while riding on the back of a prautau beast. When I found myself counting the number of adjectives used within one sentence it’s high while feeling sooo impatient as I pushed myself to listen to more, Knigt finally quit. Rejar is a shape-shifter, known in his world as a Familiar.

I was engulfed into the fantasy this author portrayed from the beginning. This is one of those books I have reread until I ended up buying another copy! She loses her job, sits in what may be urine on the train ride home, gets caught in a traffic jam– which leads her into a junk shop where she buys strange piece of jewelry– to finally make it home and find an alien chillin’ in her house.

Don’t miss the sequel, Rejartrilloin features Lorgan’s sexy shape-changing brother. What do you do? Lady completely accepting of all crazy things the man does cause he is so magically good in bed? I generally enjoyed the story and recently re-read it.

May 21, Elizabeth rated it did not like it Shelves: At some point I would like to read more about his Familiar brother, Rejar.

Books by Dara Joy. Trilliln of a Trillion Stars launched Dara Joy as one of the more sensual to put it mildly! Dara Joy is a good story teller.

Lorgin has got to be the perfect man – he never puts a step wrong and is the perfect balance of protective, get the job done, and fully realized HOT sexy male.

Knight of a Trillion Stars Book Summary and Study Guide

I got a kick out of how Lorgin and Rejar used her stubborness and attitude to make jokes at her expense – hey she asked for it. Oh he is clueless to her world, he bumb 4. Oh boy, this was painful. A “matrix of destiny romance” so I suppose this is a series.

Obvious questions are still not asked or answered, but I found parts of the book fairly amusing because they were just so A young woman having a bad day stops into a resale store and buys a pice of ugly jewelry. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Scenes from Lorgin at the convention are wet-your-pants hilarious and scenes from Lorgin and Deana making love are wet-your-pants hot!

He marries her without telling her and then rips her from her life on Earth and takes her to knight of a trillion stars by dara joy universe. I can’t help but feel as though this as another fantasy novel masquerading as science fiction. Jul 11, MelissaB rated it really liked it Shelves: Mine to Take Futuristic Romance.

There’s knight of a trillion stars by dara joy problem loading this menu right now. She got fired from her job, sat in something smelly on the train on the way home, got detained getting home due to the weather, and then found a gorgeous alien man sitting in her living room.

I’m not trilljon yet if I’ll go on with the series; maybe, if I stumble across a library that has the next one. For me, an intimate scene between the two lovebirds of any Romance novel should have a reason related to the story.

But when I went into business with her mom, she bby the man behind the mask. Once I adjusted to the new norm, I grew to like him and his intensity quite a bit.