Solution for Businesses Looking for Complete Control. The Comverse Kenan FX financial framework delivers flexible customer care, ordering, and billing to. Amdocs Kenan is an open and efficient solution which tightly couples customer management, and charging and billing around a single data model, the. Jan 26, This tutorial gives you a complete understanding on Telecom Billing. There are state-of-the-art Billing Systems available in software market which handle billing task very efficiently and Kenan Arbor

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Starting form next chapter, I would try to cover complete process starting from defining product and services, associating plan and tariffs with those products, acquiring customers selling products to the end customers and capturing usage generated by those customers and finally rating and billing that usage to send a final bill to those customers.

We will discuss it in detail in the subsequent chapter “Invoice Generation. Revenue Classification reports that summarize revenue information for a specific date range by credit class, customer details, price plan, charge type, etc.


A customer complains through customer care or call center and then issue flows at different stages. Billing Systems are the backbone of any telecom operator. If either of these cannot record the data accurately, there the mediation system will not be able recognize the completed calls and pass them to the billing system.

Telecom Billing Posted on January 26, by knean. There could be a list of reports available out-of-the-box and there may be some reports, which would need custom development. You can find thousands of vendors, who are selling their billing products with a claim of lot of features, but there are a few in the market which are really good and most commonly used.

Real-time system process includes e-commerce transactions and data download. Same apply at the termination, if customer terminates a service in the middle of the month, then operator billinng not be willing to charge the customer for rest of the month.

While defining different prices in the catalogue, billing system should give a provision to associate some kind of revenue codes or keywords with different type of charges.

Still there would be various customers, who would not pay on time even after giving them a credit within their capacity. The event type IDs are identical.

Applicants wishing to make a career in banking and finance for career advancement, JAIIB Combined Training and Tutorisl Tests combo are designed tutotial take tutoriial through the various practices in finance and banking. Keeping it simple, Products are items that customers can either buy outright or lease.

Once all the payments are authorized, they are uploaded into the billing system to settle down the due invoices. More abstract concepts a service level ysstem, for example. Discounts could be pro-rated and non-prorated based on the requirement.

If there is menan refund or any other charges applicable. So, a very tight SLA is defined for high priority issue. If they are lump-sum amount, then you can take that amount in advance and let the customers use unlimited services based on their requirements.

Calls in day time usually called peak time, will be charged on higher rate and in night time ie. The billlng diagram shows the basic diagram of the Billing Engine and associated functions: There may be many customers who will not tutroial their bills on time.

I may not be able to list down all the good billing systems, but few of them are listed below:. If there are many customers, then they are divided in to different billing cycles.

Telecom Billing Introduction

There could be very complex charging scenarios, which would be difficult to handle manually. Billing systems are tutkrial end, reliable, and expensive softwares, which provide various functionalities.

An MVNO in reality is a reseller of mobile products and services from an actual operator, but under a different brand. Same way, if some extra information is required in the CDRs, which is critical to billing, then Mediation System will help in providing such information based on some other attributes available within the CDRs. Billing systems are also part of accounts payable for inter-carrier settlementsas customers often use services from other companies such as wireless roaming, long distance, and call completion through other networks.

But it does not provide the details on all the calls made by the customer. Each discount should have at least one step.

Telecom Billing Introduction Telecom Billing

These involve testing the total being billed to ensure that the following conditions are met: Customer satisfaction directly depends on how efficient and how good support is being provided to them. These are only applicable to the portion of the set of events or money spent that falls between the assigned discount thresholds. A product can have a number of attributes associated with them. Following diagram shows a typical architecture of a Billing System. A good billing system provides an option to override base prices at the time they are given to the customer.

This leads to more customer satisfaction, but operator is on a risk of collecting less revenue.


These charges are defined keeping other competitors and regulations in mind. The result of the systtem whether it was answered, busy etc. There are number of parameters which can be used while defining usage charges. Customer Life Cycle A typical customer life cycle is shown below in the following diagram: Additionally, a CDR may also record other information such as: Billing systems must manage a variety of products and services, different rate plans associated with those products and services and should syshem flexible ways to rate usage generated by those products and services.

Real-time rating is the process of taking events as they occur and rating them immediately, with as little delay as possible between event generation and costing. We will discuss different types of discount hierarchies and which can be given at the time of rating and billing. A product can have a number of event types associated with it.