/ JAMB CBT Economics Expo Questions And Answers Runz for English, Physics, Mathematics, economics, chemistry, biology Jamb Expo Runz Android And Pc [Offline Version]November 13, In “Jamb CBT past questions”. Welcome to JAMB CBT Test Economics Practice Past Questions And Answers. You have only 15 minutes to complete 20 questions of Economics JAMB UTME. 24 Mar Economics JAMB UTME Past Questions, Practise test using computer based test for free, Practice for Jamb using Computer based test for free.

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Kalu erinma amadi says: December 18, Chinonso Ibeh Jamb answers 0.

UTME 2013 Economics

Imperfect market is characterized by Queations. In economis analysis, a statement is said to be normalize if, it A. The major role of multi-national companies in the petroleum industry in Nigeria is A.

Under a floating exchange rate regime, the determinant of the exchange rate is A. May 20, at 2: Designed and optimize by Naija Communications. An important factor hindering the rapid development of the industrial sector in Nigeria. It relies on the decision of friends to succeed D.

I need jamb questions and answers, and am sitting for jamb on the 15th of may. May 16, pxst 9: May 13, at 6: Insurance companies, pension and provident funds and unit trusts are all examples of A government financial agencies B.

Occupational mobility as applied to factors of production means the case by which A. An economicd environmental impact of the petroleum industry on the economy is A.

June 19, at 9: The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

Economics- Practice JAMB CBT Past Questions for Economics

Questionss, pls I need jamb questions and answers on Economics Maths,commerce and English. For an inferior good, a decrease in real income lead to A. December 18, Chinonso Ibeh Jamb answers 1.

Gain level admission to study in any university of your choice. About Chinonso Ibeh Articles. June 28, at 4: When two variables are positively related, the graph of the relationship A.

If you writing Geography as one of the subjects in this Jambbe assured that you will score high in this subject […]. May 15, at 1: The ATC at 30 units of output nad A. Here is my jamb past questions and answers on economics number Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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The effect of an increase in the personal income tax is to A. May 13, at May 15, at 6: If there is an increase in demand jamb past questions and answers on economics a corresponding increase in supply, there will be A.

Physics chemistry nd biology. February 20, at In the table above, the price of commodity y qkestions N2 and that of x is N1 while the individual has an income of N May 14, at 2: Contact naija communications to subscribe for your 4 subjects in Jamb: The best method of production in an under-populated country is A.

UTME CBT – Economics – JAMB/UTME Past Questions and Answers Online (CBT); JAMB Syllabus, Brochure

The price of a good rises from N5 to N8 and the quantity demanded falls from to units. At 60 units of output, quwstions AVC is A. I need answers to my questions English, mathematics, government and economics.

Traded on a recognized stock market. Your email address will not be jamb past questions and answers on economics. I have go tru it I I want to thank this site currents school new pls we need other comm, govteng.