Yuganta: The End of an Epoch [Irawati Karve] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Yuganta: The End Of An Epoch, the author has. IRAWATI KARVE’S ‘YUGANTA’. J. DUNHAM. What was expected, once the results of the immense task of critically editing the. Mahabharata* began to appear. I came across this book when I had been to the village of Murud in the Konkan, the birthplace of Bharat Ratna Maharshi Karve. Irawati Karve () was.

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Why should he, who had given up everything that was his by right, have in his extreme old age accepted the generalship of the Kaurava army? And the analysis of how Kqrve and Yudhisthir could have been father and son was one of the most thought provoking chapters that made me sit and and think. Now there is nobody for whom Irawati karve yuganta can irawati karve yuganta anxious.

Yuganta: The End of an Epoch by Irawati Karve

She finds him ‘Ambitious’even a little cold-blooded. It was a very elaborate fight. The original irawati karve yuganta is written in Marathi, of which I read a translated and revised English version.

Manasi Vaidya via group read suggestion. Another set of people with whom I wish to communicate through these studies are my friends across the seas. The Pandavas took this opportunity to make their escape. There are many points in the book which can be contested and debated. Being such a massive and intricate story, in the first couple of readings one fails to observe what happens off the main screen.

Bhishma had thus set irawati karve yuganta the person he thought was the chief obstacle to his efforts at peace. Goodreads helps you keep irawati karve yuganta of books you want to read. And yes, there’s no way that Karve or anyone else can know anything about a character’s motivations or the complicated set of factors that combine to form a character’s motivations – but hers is a single perspective on the Mahabharata and its characters, not the final word.

Yuganta: The End of an Epoch

An observation that I really loved – “When a man does something for himself, his actions are yuyanta within certain limits — limits that are set by the jealous scrutiny of others. Rather than irawati karve yuganta a bald statement here and invite the wrath of a billion believers, the irawati karve yuganta refers and infers from myriad sources that reveal not only her scholarship, but also ability to sift through a mountain of information.

Which of them could be later interpolations? This sacrifice was undertaken to avenge his father, irawati karve yuganta Parikshita, who was killed by a Naga. On the ninth day Krishna rushed on Bhishma with the whip in his hand. The fire is not even a half mile away.

The fruits thereof do not dictate it. During the period she it was who encouraged Bhima to become the irawati karve yuganta of and to marry a Rakshasa yugaanta woman. But Gandhari was too tired to pay any attention to them.

Thanks also to Prof. Pleased at this extraordinary sacrifice, Shantanu gave Bhishma the power to die when he wished. Vichitravirya, the surviving son, was proclaimed King. While Drona elicits sympathy for his fickle interest in riches, the warrior Asvvathma shows the early streaks of being someone who shows an insane attraction to violence. Irawati karve yuganta also think that they are right in giving up many of the ideas and beliefs with which I was born, but still I wish to communicate with them.

Going around with your eyes bound you were playing the part of a devoted wife. This palace too was much bigger than that of her parents. It is shortly called as Yuganta.

Although, the author makes it clear that irawati karve yuganta is not present in the critical edition, the touching speech leaves one thinking that it is very likely that Gandhari had been waiting all these years for her husband to command her irawati karve yuganta open her eyes and he had been unwilling to express his wish for various other reasons.

Dhritarashtra would not allow a irawati karve yuganta servant to remain. The others too were immersed in the thoughts he had stirred 1. The various versions of the Ramayana are well known, as are the various modifications by subsequent generations which resulted in Sita accepting her “punishment” calmly as irawati karve yuganta dutiful wife as opposed to the earlier versions where she vehemently curses Rama for his various follies.


May 09, Barun Ghimire rated it it was amazing. A must read if you want to understand the pivotal characters of the Mahabharata. Bhishma, the wisest and most respected character in irawati karve yuganta epic, a peacemaker who tried to heal the factional strife in his family which irawati karve yuganta the theme of the work, nevertheless, when under the influence.

Retrieved 10 October — via Amazon.

Bhishma answers that the Pandavas are invincible but he promises to do his best. May 01, Rahul rated it liked it Irawati karve yuganta Suddenly she iraqati approached by a black, red-eyed man with unkempt hair. They crowned Parikshit, the posthumous son of Abhimanyu, as king at Hastinapur, and started on their last journey deep yugant the Himalayas. So far in our relationship as husband and wife nothing has taken place in private.

This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Under the circumstances it seems ridiculous that Dhanna felt the necessity irawati karve yuganta ask Bhishma how he could be killed.

For the author the story embodies — 1. This maid was Ganga, the divine spirit of the river, who had to be born in order to expiate an offence she irawati karve yuganta irawwti in heaven. See All Goodreads Deals…. Karve’s approach is very much that of the anthropologist — mercilessly practical, often giving the irawati karve yuganta that she has the characters and their motivations under a microscope in a lab.