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Do not make excess pressure during assembling, simply make the position it will get its position softly. Not all the toners are mechanically same.

Match the shape with the cartridge body. Hold it from a white portion gear and pull it in 12z direction instructed.

Open the other end of the cartridge by pulling it gently until it fo. So either you buy new ones or get it machine-refilled at vendors place. Then you will get two part, one is waste toner part and other is empty toner part.

How to Refill laser Printer Toner: Step by Step Instructions

Make sure to align them as shown in the directions mentioned below:. Just get test print No, you refilk not use waste ink at all. Place the tension spring by the help of a how to refill 12a toner.

Get out the drum by hw sliding the drum by side. My catridge is A. Is it mandatory to clean waste unit. Cheers Feroz Cassim Sri Lanka. Seperate the other end of the hp 12 a toner cartridge. Full Demonstration with Photo.


Do not twist the transparent blade part. Assemble the both unit of the cratridge gently. Fasten all the screws. After you remove pins from both sides of the toner cartridge, you have to remove a spring as shown:. After removing the side how to refill 12a toner, you can see a white plastic cover, you have to remove this and fill here the reifll. Hold the toner as shown in the picture and pull both units apart. Check for correct adjustment i.

It will definitely fulfill dream of our P M to make Digital India. Now begins the main part that is to refill the laser printer toner cartridge. After removing the cap of the bottle you can apply plastic nozzle-cap which you normally get along with how to refill 12a toner bottle or you can ask for one from the vendor.

First, fit the wiper-blade and then the plastic cover as shown:. If necessary clean the roller by a wet cloth.

How to Refill laser Printer Toner: Step by Step Instructions

Remove the magnetic roller by slightly making gaps and inserting the twiser on the other side of the hp 12 reefill toner. After pulling the toner from a laser printer the first step is to open the screw of side cover as shown below: Get out the tension spring located at waste toner part.

Thank you so fefill much, it will help save and make some cash. I think one spring that is between the two units of the toner is missing.

Although the toner used here is HP 12 A toner, you can refill similar toner cartridges of other laser printers by following the same how to refill 12a toner. Thank you so much for this helpful information. Total you will find 4 screws. Do not rub hard thoroughly. Unscrew and remove the wiper blade and clean it by soft cloth.