2 Apr Harry Lorayne’s newest book is called, “How to perform feats of Mathematical Wizardry”. I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a copy. When anyone can do an honest review of Harry Lorayne’s new book, Mathematical Wizardry, I would love to hear it (the ad just came out in the. Find great deals for Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Apr 24, If you’re interested in some blockbuster mathematical “pieces,” just buy the damn thing – no matter what kind of “back” it has! Then you should have it before the end of this month.

Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book

Sorry, folks, you have no idea of the kind of silly questions I get about this book. Oh, thanks for the kind words, Paul.

Scott Harry lorayne mathematical wizardry entry has inspired me to revisit the world of Harry Lorayne – I’m going to purchase this book.

See a site map. And you can justify charging more for a hard vs soft. If you’re not familiar with Hummer’s 3-object divination, you need to get this book just for this routine. Kind of a Catch 22 in my own mind. It’s the quite a few who said they would and didn’t that interested and surprised me. I have to fish around until I find it. Yes, I’ve always done hardback books and yes they usually sell more than softback books.

I appreciate it, and thought it should be posted here. Here you harry lorayne mathematical wizardry by learning how to add consecutive numbers, and then you learn how to take this basic principle into numerous directions.

Magic Tricks

Posted by Pi Guy on Apr 2, With best regards, Richard. They’re being “done” at the printers. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Learning is always beneficial, but the Grey Matters philosophy is that learning can and should be fun. As to HL’s book, I really have a wall that jumps up harry lorayne mathematical wizardry somebody asks harry lorayne mathematical wizardry a PayPal fee, how about a portion of the rent or maybe a piece of the electric bill too?

harry lorayne mathematical wizardry While the great majority of the features are focused on fun aspects of mathematics and memorization, Grey Matters covers anything concerning learning and fun. I couldn’t find the name of the poster, but We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic.

I wasted the Paypal fee!!!! The Books of Won. Not quite the same thing. I also mentioned the probable retail price.

Here and There Posts. Mtahematical, have you published any books? Oh well, it’s a book I must have I reckon. It bummed out in all the harry lorayne mathematical wizardry studies. I found one today that I’m working on. What a silly question.


Harry has given away and taught some lovely material. Thank you, Bob, for those kind words re: First time a printer has delivered as promised.

Also, there are enough routines here that I haven’t run across that often, that do make this book valuable.