Drunvalo Melchizedek believes that through meditation the human being is able to access sources of Flower of Life and Merkaba – Drunvalo Melchizedek. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life has ratings and reviews. Mallon said: This book is out there. Drunvalo tells you everything, the secre. The Flower of Life Seen from the Feminine Side . enjoy what you are about to read, and may it truly be a blessing in your life. In love and service,. Drunvalo.

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One thing I took away from this book is that we know little about the inter-workings of the Universe but the possibilities really open the mind to know that it is way larger than I could imagine – but I am trying At the end of its life, as far as we know, there are two primary things a star can do… One it can explode and become a supernova, a huge hydrogen cloud that becomes the womb for hundreds of new baby stars.

I was fascinated at first, liffe I found the book derailed into many, many topics without any structure or liffe to it. If you really want to know This is one of the most dangerous kind of books in which the author claims to know everything about Earth and it past through channeling from some ridiculously-named “higher being”. In his book he openly confessed he dropped out of college, moved into the mountains and spent a lot of time by himself, meditating and having visions.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Teachings and Books

View all 3 comments. To be miserly, this book claims to be half scientific and half mystical.

Where one cannot ex This work is well researched and no doubt will interest mathematicians and scientist who wish to take a look at solving problems they may grapple with from another perspective.

He has been on television and the internet, and written about in magazines, newspapers and books all over the world.

It took billions of years to create these life forms, and in less than a blink of an eye, a mere hundred years, half of the life on this dear Earth is dead.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume 1

C This book is out there. All that said it was still entertaining to read and I will most definitely be eager to see what he has to say ,ife the second volume. In the beginning of the book he makes it clear what he wants you to believe which personally makes me uncomfortable.

It is rare that someone offers a highly alternative idea on the history of humankind without stating, this is the way it REALLY is; this was drknvalo refreshing start.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: It is funny how you can read and think this is a lot of BS but then you connect the dots and think maybe it has some substance after all. So I ordered the book, received flowre and put it on a shelf: One thing is for sure, the Flower of Life is incredible and are found on some of the oldest stone tablets around the pyramids.

Giordano Bruno explained to scholars floqer the scientific consensus that other planetary systems existed, by preaching about his weird psychedelic visions and dreams of traveling through space and time, and seeing solar systems and other stars. This book is one of those windows. It is definitely captivating, but the fact people drunvall it to be true is the reason I gave it 1 star.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: v. 1

Jun 06, Sarah MacKichan rated it it was ok. With all its complexity there is a mix lifw obviousness in its teaching Speaking to the converted is like speaking to any other deeply religious person.

Feb 13, JJ rated it really liked it. Just don’t throw ridiculous religious stories into the mix that have absolutely no merit.

Sep 14, Noor Azzony rated it it was amazing. If you were to watch this planet from space, it would appear to be dying very, very rapidly.

Women working for NASA who can remote travel. The author constantly digresses to other interesting subject matters from the main point of the work which is to inform or enlighten the reader on what the “MER KE BA” actually is, how it is to be revived or how it is to be activated. More and more we can see that there are NO mistakes. To view it, click here. This book requires a certain amount of skill to skew through a LOT of bullshit to get the messages and concepts.

Aug 26, Dawn rated it it was ok. In fact this is why I read this book– so many people told me I should check it out after experiencing my Merkaba. In my if this book is a real eye opener and definitely clarified a lot of the lost ancient knowledge for me.

I think this dilutes some of the information since he is coming from a biased place. I started speed reading and skimming over after a while. To the next dimension Jun 26, Gary rated it really liked it.