September 22, STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: INTERNAL. Validation of MFG claims on power testing per UN/ECE R85 must be witnessed by UN representative. •! The U.S. never signed the ECE Treaty. Regulation ECE R10 (“old directive” //CE – electromagnetic compatibility ) ECE R85 (net power and maximum 30 minutes power of electric drive trains).

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Drawings of combustion chamber, piston crown and, in the case of positive ignition engines, piston rings: It shall be accompanied by the description, in triplicate, of the drive train comprising all the relevant particulars referred to: Description and drawings of inlet pipes and their accessories plenum chamber, heating device, additional air intakes, etc.

Maximum effective current supplied efe the motor: Engine speed when idling: Maximum 30 minutes power: Where accessories cannot be removed, the power they absorb in the unloaded condition may be determined and added to the measured power. Ignition or injection timing timing curve. Number of report issued by that Service: The electric drive train shall be supplied from a DC voltage source with a maximum voltage drop of 5 per cent depending on time and current periods of less than 10 seconds excluded.

If possible, to be set in the most favourable position. Paragraphs 8 and 8.

This speed shall be recommended by the manufacturer. Type or number of the control unit: Cooling of the liquid may be produced either by the engine radiator or by an external circuit, provided that the pressure loss of this circuit and the pressure at the pump inlet remain substantially the same as those of the engine cooling system.

For each speed, the average of at least two stabilized measurements is to be determined. General The components liable to affect the power of the drive train shall be so designed, constructed and assembled as to enable the drive train in normal use, despite the vibration to which it may be subjected, to comply with the provisions of this Regulation.

Its first two digits [ at present 00 for the Regulation in its original form ] shall indicate the series of amendments incorporating the most recent major technical amendments made to the Regulation at the time of issue of the approval.

Notice of approval or of extension or of refusal of approval of vehicle type with regard to the drive train type pursuant to this Regulation shall be communicated to the Contracting Parties to the Agreement applying this Regulation by means of a form conforming to the model in Annex 3b to this Regulation.

Internal combustion engine Temperatures permitted by the manufacturer If the net power and the maximum 30 minutes power of the drive train tested pursuant to paragraph 2 above fulfils the requirement of paragraph 4 above, the production is considered to conform to the type approval. The speed must be in a speed range, which the net power is greater than 90 per cent of the maximum power as measured in paragraph 5.

Positive ignition engines of vehicles that can run either on petrol or on a gaseous fuel, are to be tested with both fuels, in accordance with the provisions in paragraphs 5.

The same Contracting Party shall r855 assign the same number to another drive train type.

In Annex 2 for pure electric vehicles, or. At motor reference point s: Description of the system e. Equipment for gas engines.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

International protection IP -code: Temperatures measured at maximum power. If the requirements of Paragraph 4. Description of tests for internal combustion engines 5. Ignition or injection timing timing curve ecr. Our online subscription service, offering immediate access to our extensive library of global vehicle regulations, standards and legislation.

Turbocharged engines with or without cooling of inlet air 5. Electric drive train s: Maximum 30 minutes power specified by the manufacturer. In either case, the measurement of power at each speed shall be made with the same pressure drop and temperature drop r8 the engine air across the charge air cooler on the test bench system as those specified by the manufacturer for the system on the complete vehicle.

The electric drive trains are composed of controllers and motors and are used for propulsion of vehicles as the sole mode of propulsion. Description of tests for measuring the net power and the maximum 30 minutes power of electric drive trains The electric drive train shall be equipped as specified in annex 6 to this Regulation.

Otherwise, it is removed.

The approval mark shall be clearly legible and be indelible. Or the curve of fuel delivery plotted against the air flow and settings required to cee to the curve 3. Model B see paragraph 4. Ecee the holder of an approval completely ceases to manufacture a drive train approved in accordance with this Regulation, he shall so inform the Type Approval Authority which granted the approval.

Engine speed, min —1. Need more search options?

ECE regulations: ECE R85 Supplement 6

The department may then either: Reason s for extension of approval if applicable: The fuel used shall be specified in the test report. Reciprocating piston engines positive-ignition or compression-ignitionbut excluding free piston engines; Rotary r58 engines positive-ignition or compression ignition ; Naturally aspirated or supercharged engines. The net power test shall consist of a run at full throttle for positive ignition engines and at full-load for compression ignition engines and dual-fuel engines, the engine being equipped as specified in Table 1 of Annex 5 to this Regulation.

When applicable, the additional character s in the approval marking required by Regulation No 49, the purpose of which is to distinguish the type of engine for which the approval has been granted e.

The documents filed with the request for approval or extension may be obtained on request. Number of report issued by that service: