Sub Code & Name: EC DATA STRUCTURES AND OBJECT SYLLABUS: Introduction- Tokens-Expressions-control Structures –Functions in C++, classes. DOC/LP/01/ LP – EC LESSON PLAN Sub Code & Name: SYLLABUS: Introduction- Tokens-Expressions-control Structures –Functions in C ++. UG Course Outline. EC Macroeconomics. / Course Overview. EC is a second year core, compulsory course in macroeconomic theory and .

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Be aware of applications of these theorems in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Woon-Seng Gan, Sen M.

Register Organization, Memory Segmentation. Antennas and Wave Propagation Subject Code: Properties based on axiomatic definition of probability. Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Advantages of closed loop operation: To understand concept and various parameters of single phase AC circuits. To study the sources of water,floods and its impact on environment To know about the ecosystem and energy resource system To understand the Biodiversity concept and its advantages To study different types of pollution and its impact on environment To know the social and environment related issues and their preventive measures Course outcomes: Draw the full wave bridge rectifier circuit.

In particular, understand the Bernoulli, binomial, geometric and Poisson ,Negative Binomial, Hyper-geometric distributions Work with continuous random variables. Close Computer Networks Definition of cumulative distribution function and its properties for discrete and continuous distributions. Understand the concept of random processes and determine covariance and spectral density of stationary random processes.

Assume That zener diode is ideal. Signal parameters, The representation of signal in terms of impulses, LTI properties of continuous-time systems, impulse response, convolution, linear constant coefficient differential equations UNIT – III: Wireless Sensor Networks – C.

Moments about origin, Central moments. Information capacity determination, Group delay, Types of Dispersion – Material dispersion, Wave-guide dispersion, Polarization mode dispersion, Intermodal dispersion. A Explain the circuit ec202 voltage regulator and also discuss the short circuit protection mechanism. Transmission and Propagation – E. Describe routing and congestion in network layer with routing algorithms and classify IPV4 addressing scheme. Able to follow the design rules and debug it while creating layouts for circuits in VLSI CAD tool and also understands syllabux placement and partitioning of the digital systems.

EC2202 MJ2014 DS and OOPs 3rd Semester Question Paper – Reg2008

Rectification, double and triple integrals, computations of surface and volumes, change of variables in double integrals – Jacobians of transformations, integrals dependent on parameters – applications. They can understand impedance matching techniques and standing waves. To introduce the fundamental concepts of Digital electronics. A i Discuss the frequency response of multistage amplifiers.

To give practical examples of DSP Processor architectures for better understanding.

After the successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to know: To help learners to improve shllabus leadership qualities and professional etiquette To expose learners to an effective communicative environments. Categorize different scheduling approaches for real time scheduler. Toh1st Ed.

Electronics and Communications Engineering

How to design basic analog communication system components like amplitude modulators and demodulators, filters, AGC and understanding frequency modulation and demodulation and carrier recovery circuits.

Understanding various subsystem design concepts by realizing Circuits design in terms of System design. Applying the knowledge of layout, stick diagrams, static and switching characteristics of inverters by CMOS technology for designing a sequential circuit.

To get the idea about the relation between ce2202 and abiotic environment in nature To get the idea about the nature and the pollutants To get opportunity to know the value of bio diversity and threats of bio diversity To know about the conservation of biodiversity Ability to know the environmental impact Unit – I Environmental studies: Shulin and Daniel J.


Moment generating functions of random variables and its properties. Pharmaceutical Technology course is designed to educate chemical engineer students and provide them with the skills required to work in the pharmaceutical field, with particular emphasis on the engineering aspects of drug manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical development, and pharmaceutical operations. Students will be good at fundamental concepts of semiconductor materials and its characteristics.

Architectures and Protocols – C. Memorize statement and understand proof of Fundamental Theorem ed2202 Calculusfor functions on curves. Describe the steps involved in IoT system design methodology.

Signals and Systems Subject Code: