Dracula Spectacula – Show synopsis – Shows D. There are plenty of good parts , a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that makes this an attractive. is the Marsden Year of the Musical and Dracula Spectacula, to be held in There are plenty of good parts, a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that. The Dracula Spectacula (). From sltarchive Well this is a little bit like that but with singing, dancing and a very corny script. For those of.

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Had he, being a reviewer researched the comapny beforehand I think he would have realised!

Dracula Spectacular

Dream Street The Musical. Ro Ro I did go 2 c the show and mi lil bro was in it ans i thourght it was amazing!!!!! James Harper I saw this show and I thought it stood out from all the other child production’s I have seen.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Craig I have performed this show many years ago with a drama group I am a member of. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted. As for commenting on the drunkeness and flirting, I hope he bares in mind what century we DO live in!

In this bubbling modern extravaganza for the young, the immaculate Miss Nadia and her three pupils are swung into riotous Transylvanian happenings with the irrepressible Count and his gruesome acolytes. If seriously ill-advised moments like this don’t send a shiver through a 21st century audience then one should worry even more. Cast Attributes Room for Extras. Around the World in Eighty Days ad. Regina I for spectwcula thought that the show was absolutely amazing.

Shame on you mr Harold and the shameful anonymousperson spectaculs is too scared to even say their name that agreed with him.

The Dracula Spectacula () – sltarchive

I have supplied my number give me a ring and I’ll make sure you dracul your money back! Come and see high school musical at the Hexagon and you will be ‘spitting’ your words back out.

Why the big bee in your bonnet A F Harold! The Dracula Spectacula or “Fang’s ain’t what they used to be” A spooky musical.

The Dracula Spectacula

My family thoroughly enjoyed this production. It serves them right for expecting something epic from what is essentially a Hallowe’en themed Panto. Plenty of good parts, a sizzling score and a fresh hilarious script.

Its better than having them drunk on the streets of South Street in real life. But, on the same merit, its not fair to single out children who have put so much hard work and effort into it.

Michael Howard I am suprised scrpit these comments we must have seen different shows? All in all, an excellent children’s show, full of humour, wit, fun, and enjoyment.

For a start i feel all your comments are over exaggerated and unfair. Fairy TalesFriendshipLove. And it is these children one must feel most sorry for, they try their best but are let down by the adults in charge — in the script, in the direction and in some very worrying decisions.

Path Created with Sketch. Father O’Steak witnessed the adventures and helped his strong leader, Nickolas Nechrophilliac in Transylvania and were well assisted by the locals, Hans, Gretel and their Glublick liking village ‘idiots’.

The Dracula Spectacula | Samuel French

Casting 24boy s or girl s. All the actors showed tremendous scrupt for performing arts and the direction they were given was superb. Mim I attended the opening night and found this production to be funny, colourful and most importantly FUN! I think this review needs to be completely re-done, and in response to the stroking of a young female that was obviously done to fit in with the song and was most certainly not sexual. There was, however, no such redeeming light at the end of the tunnel.

A Tooth Fairy Tale.

Paul Goulding Your reviewer is too harsh I agree the show got off to a slow start but found it entertaining. The acting, what there is of it, matches the script. Anonymous I haven’t seen the play, but we are currently rehearsing to put the show on at our school in Spextacula.

Sign in to your Samuel French account. Kevin HammondsCharles Miller. Chapman Thestie What a plendid show. To be so demorilising and negative makes me wonder why he even botherd going?

Dont no what play you sore? The kids, from the principal characters to the hilarious chorus of townspeople all looked like they were having the time of thier lives on stage.