YouTube Music

YouTube Music

The official YouTube app built just for music.

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  • Current Version: 0
  • Updated: October 5, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



YouTube Music lets you watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in an app designed for music discovery.

Enjoy music for free with ads, or get YouTube Red.

A YouTube built just for music
• Every video starts a non-­stop station
• Personalized stations learn your tastes
• See concert footage and live recordings

A nearly endless catalog
• New artists, classic favorites, and everything in between
• Classic live recordings that span decades
• Official music videos, playlists, remixes, covers, and more

Amplify your experience with YouTube Red
• Enjoy your music without ads
• The music keeps playing even when your screen is off
• Take your music on-the-go with offline mixtape

Get 1 month of YouTube Red for free. Existing YouTube Red or Google Play Music members and users of either service who have already received this free trial are not eligible. Monthly charges apply for YouTube Red membership outside of trial periods.


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1 24,426 

  • YouTube Music
    Vini DelNegro Published date: October 7, 2017

    Finally, after a couple years worth of updates this app finally had some substance. View your own playlists instead of the random mix tape. A great addition to Google Play Music since you can find damn near anything on YouTube. Now, is this had a widget that'd send it over the top! Keeping this time. Way to make some real progress, Google! Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    energycake 1 Published date: October 8, 2017

    This app is useless unless you have a YouTube Red subscription which I'm not about to waste money on. In the free version you can't turn your screen off, there are multiple ads on videos, and you can't even go to another tab without the music cutting off. Worst app I've ever wasted storage on, it's just another way for YouTube to steal your hard earned money. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Wynter Williamson Published date: October 14, 2017

    I like the app allot. It's really useful and is a great substitute to Spotify. I just wish i could keep the YouTube red without having to pay and i wish i could choose what songs go in my offline mixtape they'd maybe it a give start if you did these things. Please and thank you Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Christina Ioannou Published date: October 9, 2017

    The negatives outweigh the positives. I have a you tube Red subscription so no ads. I can listen to music and artists that I couldn't find on other music apps. However, this app killed my data. I only really use it on my 20 minute commute to and from work and I went through 7g data in less than 2 weeks. It's does create a station for you based on your previous activity but it's not that organized. Glad i gave it a chance but will be switching back to the other music app I've been using for years. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    O A801 Published date: October 14, 2017

    I stopped using Spotify to try out YouTube Red and It crashes all the freaking time! It doesn't matter if the app is add free, you would have to turn it back on again and again all the time cause it stops while reproducing the videos. Worst app for music ever! Stupid app!!!! It kept crashing every single time when I want to listen or watch music videos!!! 👎👊 Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    james botha Published date: October 15, 2017

    What even is the point!? First issue is that it doesn't even support streaming in my country (South Africa), secondly, as mentioned by others, it doesn't work with the screen off, it's is simply a waste of time unless you have a YouTube red subscription... Might as well just use the regular YouTube app, can't believe I wasted my time on this. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Tristan Stevens Published date: October 10, 2017

    Now I used to have a 4 star rating on this app up untill I got YouTube red. Upon getting it now all of a sudden through the last 2 months whenever I open the app if I don't select a song to play within seconds then it displays "no connection" and completely stops working. This happens on both WiFi and data, but yet I don't have this issue with any other app including the actual YouTube app. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Anthony Published date: October 6, 2017

    I understand that it's free or 10$ a month, which is way to expensive, but at least let me disable video in the free version. I can't afford the price of data as it is, and now the richest company in the world wants me to burn through it like nothing. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    kazuyoshi 2005 Published date: October 13, 2017

    B***h f**k a** it don't work it said that i would be able to listen to music for free and turn off my phone BUT NO!!! it told me too buy "the free 3 day trial" stupid f**k Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Alexander Day Published date: October 7, 2017

    Not available outside of the USA. Until it's available internationally, I can't give it any more stars. I travel outside of the US regularly. - Signed a Faithful YouTube Red/Google Play Music subscriber Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Sammi Pope-Champness Published date: October 9, 2017

    Most of the time this app is great. But sometimes I've been having problems with it taking too long to load content or for no reason it jumps during the play of songs. I also get the occasional message telling me that this app is making my phone run too slow. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Tony Black Published date: October 12, 2017

    Overall, it's great. I have Amazon unlimited, Google music, Spotify, Pandora, and I use this more than any. The only issue so far is this offline bug, where it will randomly claim there's no internet connection. You have to restart the app at that point or listen to downloads. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Robert Fratto II Published date: October 14, 2017

    really annoying when I play my liked songs to have Pharrell "happy" always come on directly after. Cant even dislike that video to make it stop. Dumb. You wonder why ppl download music illegally Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Graham Hill Published date: October 8, 2017

    I don't see the point of this. It doesn't do anything that regular youtube doesn't do already. Actually its worse because its missing a couple of features. Needs work. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Alex Hotz Published date: October 13, 2017

    I really like how it organizes all the music/music videos. Categorizing ect. but how good is it if the fidelity is lower than the regular youtube app? I don't get how I can cast from yt music get all these were clicks and pops then got the regular ass yt and get crystal clear audio. Love the aesthetics and usability of yt music but ironically... not the music. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Yousra Beghdadi Soumicha Published date: October 14, 2017

    Great app but if only i could play the music in the background for free I hate it when everytime i exist the app while the music is playing and it quits it also annoys me that i have to pay even if i am a kid....... Please make it for free :( Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Shannon Whitaker Published date: October 15, 2017

    This app is really cool; you can literally listen to almost every song you can think of! Unless nobody has ever put it on YouTube, you can listen to it. I love being able to actually search up the SONG, not a "station" where you wait for months to hear the song that is the title of the station, like other apps have done..... Also, you create playlists and you can actually listen to them. Unfortunately, there are ads every once in a while, and you can't download or listen to the songs offline or off the app unless you have YouTube Red, which costs real money! Overall, great app! Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Nathaniel Martin Published date: October 6, 2017

    Cheap rip-off of Spotify I'm not paying $10 a month just to listen to music with my phone off, not only that the app is dysfunctional and consumes too much battery. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Darren Million Published date: October 9, 2017

    The app dont work like they say without Youtube red might as well not even started this app. YouTube your really starting to suck Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Katherina Livingston Published date: October 11, 2017

    Seriously? You go to search for a video and you don't even have the option to see the length or properties until after you click on it? Get it together YouTube. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Published date: October 16, 2017

    I love my youtube red.....can't get anything better!!! Had it for over a year and do not mind paying for it at all. Simple and easy to use. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Ja'Niika Adams Published date: October 13, 2017

    I don't get why you got rid of the cast t.v. screen option, or at least it's moves because I couldn't find it. It was one of the best features of the app. Please bring back 😓 Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    chris reed Published date: October 9, 2017

    Very upset with the fact that there is no external way to change songs and or pause songs instead of having to reopen the app and or having a pair of headphones add a widget or some kind of control system outside the app and will give 5 stars Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Kelley Wilson Published date: October 8, 2017

    YT Music is #1 for me I have tried so many music apps I've finally found the one that works for me.Thanks guys for making this app! I absolutely love it!! Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Bobby Martin Published date: October 11, 2017

    The cuss words are bleeped out. Just ruins the song. I was happy until songs I wanted turned out to be songs I didn't want I'm not paying for that. I'll buy it elsewhere. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Published date: October 5, 2017

    I thought this was supposed to be ad free. This is definitely NOT ad free and I will never watch a YouTube ad. I ALWAYS back out of the video and restart it until there is no ad to interrupt me. Fu©k YouTube and fu©k anyone who advertises on YouTube. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Roosevelt Brooks Published date: October 6, 2017

    This is the best free music app in use. I absolutely love this app and its' features. I'm taking a sabbatical from everything online except music and music videos and this is just what I need. Thanks, YouTube! Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    James Hayes Published date: October 12, 2017

    A Very smooth And Pleasant Producing Application,Of Continued Choices Of Different Varieties Of Playlist!Like A Lot😎☻❤ Continued Compliments on Such A Wonder Application, Thanks!😍 Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Jose Antonio Prado Published date: October 8, 2017

    The keeps crashing and saying there was an error and to try to play music again. It's super annoying since it happens multiple times per hour. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Honey Frausto Published date: October 15, 2017

    WAIT! How is the trial gone be free if I gotta use a card to pay 9.99$ for this stuff. That aint free even after you say i pay before or/& after. If its free then I shouldnt have to spend or even do a servay. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Andy Mahase Published date: October 13, 2017

    Waste of time. Won't let you play music on lock screen - even with all the ads. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Jacob McIntyre Published date: October 6, 2017

    More than a month after Android Oreo being released (nevermind six months of beta testing) this official Google app does not support picture-in-picture for YouTube Red subscribers Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Chau Tran Published date: October 8, 2017

    I love this app. However, I would rate it higher if the app let me to create my own offline playlist. I hope you will fix this soon Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    jim jones Published date: October 14, 2017

    There's a problem with connection on this app it Disconnects on Wi-Fi and LTE Since I updated the app another person also commented on this same behavior of the app please make an update of it so that it does not disconnect in the middle of playing music great app Will give a 5 star rating once this app has been updated I am a YouTube red subscriber please fix this Thank you. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Maski Wolf Published date: October 11, 2017


  • YouTube Music
    kenny l Published date: October 15, 2017

    Can play music, but not when you turn your phone off... Pathetic Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Gilbert Roman Published date: October 6, 2017

    Fix your app! I'm tired of my Casting button disappearing on a daily basis. Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Anthony Redding Published date: October 9, 2017

    It worked for one day and quit working says streaming not available in this country I'm in the us Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Cyndre Gaming Published date: October 6, 2017

    Just needs support for Tap-to-fit Widget overlay for videos like the actual YouTube app. Odd aspect ratio devices will rejoice! Full Review

  • YouTube Music
    Jason Pooler Published date: October 10, 2017

    Would be five star but after last update I keep getting a notification in the app saying I have no connection and I have to restart the app. Please make an update fixing that. Android device Full Review