See what’s happening in the world right now.

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  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: August 14, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000



From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first. See all sides of the story. Join the conversation. Watch live streaming events. Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now.

More highlights:

- Watch premium and exclusive live streams directly from your mobile device. No account required.
- Go Live with a tap or sit back and watch events unfold from around the world.

- Discover what your favorite sports, news, politics, and entertainment thought leaders are talking about
- Experience dynamic media — like photos, videos, and GIFs
- Retweet, share, like, or reply to Tweets in your timeline
- Write a Tweet to let the world know what’s happening with you

- See what topics and hashtags are trending now
- Discover Moments, curated stories showcasing the very best of today’s biggest events
- Get caught up on news headlines and videos
- Relive the latest sports highlights
- Be in the know about pop culture and entertainment
- See what fun stories are going viral

- Find out who started following you
- Discover which of your Tweets were liked or Retweeted
- Respond to replies or be alerted to Tweets you were mentioned in

- Chat privately with friends and followers
- Share Tweets and other media
- Create a group conversation with anyone who follows you

- Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo
- Look back at your Tweets, Retweets, replies, media, and likes

- Get suggestions on influential people to follow
- Sync your contacts to find friends currently on Twitter or invite more


10,080,757 total
5 6,345,322 
4 1,839,624 
3 784,938 
2 341,502 
1 769,371 

  • Twitter
    Tracy Birkett Published date: August 15, 2017

    UPDATE NUMBER 4: Still doesn't work on Xperia X. Exactly the same issues as before the previous 3 updates - won't stay logged in. Won't load any tweets in the main feed - old or new. Won't load any recent activity in my notifications - old or new. Profile is not up to date with my latest activity. Always the same ''Can't retrieve activity, try again later'' error message (along those lines). Full Review

  • Twitter
    Rev. John Milsom Published date: August 15, 2017

    Currently unable to use Twitter on my Xperia. It's been like this for a month. I can only assume that the boffins at Twitter can't be bothered to post a fix. Come on leads a lassies otherwise I'll remove you from my Christmas list Full Review

  • Twitter
    Neil Condie Published date: August 15, 2017

    Since the recent update on my Xperia, i'm constantly getting a message saying cannot retrieve messages. No good!! Was working fine up until the last 2 upgrades. And as of Tuesday 15th August - another update, but the Android Twitter app still doesn't work! And have Twitter done anything about it? Nope!! Full Review

  • Twitter
    Louise Iliffe Published date: August 15, 2017

    15/08/17 yet another update, yet another time the problem isn't fixed. The developers have awful customer service, no one ever replies to emails. They need to employ someone who knows how to solve this problem as it's been going on for over a month. Another update, another waste of time as it hasn't corrected any of the issues. App is a complete joke and waste of my phones memory. No customer service, countless people having the same issue and twitter is completely ignoring, appalling. Just installed the latest update 07/08/17, still no better, nothing has changed, still doesn't work. Now not worked for about a month. Clearly the developer has no interest in their users as they don't even acknowledge or respond to anyone's reviews, unlike other developers who go out of their way to respond and correct issues with their app Full Review

  • Twitter
    Nadir Bait Saleem Published date: August 14, 2017

    Man, I love Twitter but it is NOT working at all. Couldn't view tweets or tweet for like 3-4 days. Please fix. Edit:It's been like two weeks now and still no update or fix. I've been forced to use Chrome. EDIT: THREE WEEKS and the app still doesn't work. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Jared George Published date: August 15, 2017

    Far too long to have this not work on my Xperia X Performance and no word that a fix is even being worked on, no simple way to make contact. Hope all this negative feedback is reaching you!!. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Cara Belford Published date: August 15, 2017

    This new update screwed up my notifications. I tap on the DMs and the tweets I follow, and it doesn't take me to the tweet or the messages, even replies I get. It's stupid. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Matthew Cramp Published date: August 15, 2017

    Update has killed app on my xperia xz phone. Have to log in when open app and then won't update tweets from before app update. Then crashes. Please sort ASAP. Thanks. Been 3wks without access now. Please sort out Twitter!!!! Another update but no fix :-( WOW YET ANOTHER UPDATE AND STILL NO FIX. NEARLY 2 MONTHS WITHOUT THE APP WORKING NOW POOR POOR POOR QUALITY TWITTER. 15/08 another update but no fix Full Review

  • Twitter
    Clare Byrne Published date: August 15, 2017

    Access to Twitter as if it was on a desktop. Easy to use, tweet, check updates etc. Sure what more could you want? Currently using Xperia X - not sure what could be causing issues for others. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Bjanka Korb Published date: August 15, 2017

    After Android Nougat 7.1.1 update on my Nokia 5, I keep getting the "cannot retrieve tweets" error. Have you tried all the troubleshooting guides to no avail. Desktop, mobile and twitter lite app all work perfectly, the problem only manifests on the official android twitter app. EDIT: it has been almost a month with the app not working on Nokia, Sony, and Motorola with the Android Nougat 7.1.1 update. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Simon Hansford Published date: August 14, 2017

    This app is now quite clearly no longer compatible with Sony Xperia phones. It won't be for Sony to fix but I'm wondering if the writers of the Twitter app are working on this problem... Full Review

  • Twitter
    Moho SMS Published date: August 16, 2017

    New update is poor. Does not load anything on my Xperia. Absolutely useles. Tried everything to sort it out but it seems like many others are going through the same thing. As a loyal user I'm very disappointed Full Review

  • Twitter
    Mohammed Al-Turki Published date: August 15, 2017

    Since last week i kept getting this message every time i start the app "cannot retrieve tweets at this time please try again later" and whenever I start the app all of my login data is lost and i re-login every time I use the app Tried reinstalling, clearing cache.. Etc but no further progress yet Full Review

  • Twitter
    Rio Riandinata Published date: August 15, 2017

    Things to do : 1. Make status bar 100% transparent on all windows . and it will look gorgeous. And ill give5 stars.. 2. Get rid of the popular tweet on the search tab. 3.thank you! Full Review

  • Twitter
    Bobbella Fett Published date: August 16, 2017

    As a twitter Role play account I have no serious problems with it. I would LOVE an option to have a circle or square avatar picture. Maybe change the limit to 200. But I'm really happy with twitter. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Samuel Jacob Published date: August 14, 2017

    Has a major problem on my phone where especially in Moments, the video plays sound but screen remainds black. Very annoying for me and ruins what would be a perfect app. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Jamie Wilson Published date: August 14, 2017

    Just done a update tonight on my Sony xperia fone and now twitter is not working a have unistalled twice and Re installed twice still not working a use twitter every day of my life now a don't have it no more Sony needs to get this sorted no happy maybe need get a Samsung fone now Full Review

  • Twitter
    Lyea Li Published date: August 15, 2017

    I nvr logged out but after i wake up they say twitter need to be log in n when i try to log in it say theres an error.. it use to be no problem why suddenly??? Full Review

  • Twitter
    Priya Meghrajani Published date: August 15, 2017

    Two things 1. Moments feature is amazing. But I faced trouble in reordering the tweets (using OP2 ) 2. When the phone switches off, the notifications settings change is switches off. The app needs to be reinstalled to get that back On. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Azhar Qazi Published date: August 15, 2017

    After recent update, each time i restart my phone i have to login again. I m running half a dozen official accounts so its a headache for me to login again and again. Please Fix it. Infinix-03 Full Review

  • Twitter
    nyx p Published date: August 15, 2017

    I've tried everything to get the app to work, contacted Twitter as well but no help to how to fix it! I can not use the app at all on my xperia X. Edit: Twitter was once a great app but unfortunately clearly something has happened between their software and Sony phones as it only seems to be Sony phone effected by this problem. Sorry twitter but I will now deleting the app and not coming back! Full Review

  • Twitter
    Shona Gillies Published date: August 15, 2017

    Broken since the update. Logged me out now when I log in it won't load anything. Please fix asap! EDIT 04/08 Come on its been like 3 weeks now fix your damn app!!! 😡😡😡 EDIT 16/08 Still nothing. Full Review

  • Twitter
    A Google User Published date: August 15, 2017

    So yet again another useless update from Twitter. I've got a Sony Z5 Premium and have not been able to use this app for at least a month. It's quite clear that the useless pricks at Twitter don't give a toss about Sony users. Leaving us out in the cold. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Emmanuel Gallen Published date: August 15, 2017

    Doesn't work on my Xperia... Telling me that something went wrong.. It's been almost a month now. Internet version works fine tough Full Review

  • Twitter
    adele gorman Published date: August 15, 2017

    All off a sudden this just stop working, went to go into it and found I had too log in, which I did then it told me it couldn't find any off my tweets or that I had no followers, looking at other reviews this seems to be a problem with just the xperia phones which mine is, any chance this could be fix soon as I really like using this Full Review

  • Twitter
    tin man Published date: August 15, 2017

    Still not been any updates available for Gingerbread since 5.47.0. On Android 4.1.2. How do you get rid of/hide the blue circle taking up screen space in latest version? Latest version on Android 4.1.2. still Laggy, very slow and makes phone restart. Data keeps growing and growing well over 100mb. Also full of promoted tweets from accounts you don't follow. No longer able to login on Android 6.0. Just says try again later. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Brian Mendes Published date: August 15, 2017

    Twitter is full of s**t! The President has proven to be a psychopath bully and yet when others call him on it or stand up to it THEY are the ones to get banned. F**k Twitter! Full Review

  • Twitter
    Shaun Rowe Published date: August 14, 2017

    Still after weeks and multiple updates the same issues as before keeps signing me out, when signing in no tweets appear and a tweets cannot be loaded message appears. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Nick Thompson Published date: August 15, 2017

    Can't access tweets or messages on my sony xperia anymore. No help from twitter on the matter. It looks like I'm not alone from the other reviews on here. Come on Twitter - sort it out! EDIT: 15/8/17 new update. Problem not fixed. Twitter - why are you ignoring this issue? Not even a single reply from your "customer services" team. Appalling! Full Review

  • Twitter
    ace tsang Published date: August 14, 2017

    The service is the worst of all social media, I can't even receive some online support from the twitter for some big issue, they just simply won't help you with your account. Full Review

  • Twitter
    meadofail13 Published date: August 16, 2017

    4 or 5 updates later and still doesn't work on my Xperia z5. Absolutely useless app SORT IT OUT Full Review

  • Twitter
    Amy Published date: August 15, 2017

    Still can't use the Twitter app and that's been 7 weeks now contacted Sony and they say the problem is not with them. Clear nothing is being done with the creators of this app to fix the problem with Sony Experia phones. Was oncey favourite social media app. Not now. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Kayleigh Burdett Published date: August 14, 2017

    My twitter has stopped working, it keeps telling me I have no Internet connection but I connected with WiFi and mobile. I also uninststalled then reinstalled........... Other than that I love it. Please fix it. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Rancelle Gonzaga Published date: August 15, 2017

    It's been a month already. Ive tried the update but still cant use my twitter account. (Xperia z5). It keeps on saying that cant retrieve at this time. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Mick Woodworks Published date: August 16, 2017

    FIX... For Xperia z5. Twitter not working..... There is a app called TweetView light that when downloaded gives me access to my twitter account without logging out. Maybe the developers at twitter and Sony can work out why this is. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Andy Hoffer Published date: August 14, 2017

    App no longer works on my Moto Z Force after Android 7.1.1. update. Tried everything.. wiping cache, powering off, and even the drastic action of doing a complete factory hard reset of the phone. Still no love. Keep getting message: "cannot retrieve tweets at this time, please try again later". Anyone have any ideas? Full Review

  • Twitter
    Andrew Jones Published date: August 14, 2017

    The app has gotten much better over the years. Especially since they hired a dev who used to work on a 3rd party app that was also very good. I don't have any complaints. Full Review

  • Twitter
    doorsy gall Published date: August 15, 2017

    Crashing freezin Since last update did nada bit crash n freeze was workin fine b4 update SORT IT SOON PLS IT'S DRIVIN US ALL NUTS 😠 Full Review

  • Twitter
    Claudine Mae Motita Published date: August 15, 2017

    What is going on?!! I open my account but I can't tweet or even reply! And I can't even read the tweets on my timeline!! Please do something about this. Too disappointing. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Kevin von flotow Published date: August 15, 2017

    Really annoying app I have never used. It spams me with notifications every once in a while and I cannot uninstall it. Super lame. Full Review