Toca Hair Salon 2

Toca Hair Salon 2

Pay once & play forever! No in-app purchases. Toca Hair Salon is back!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.0.7-play
  • Updated: August 21, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



Cut, curl, color and style – any way you want in Toca Hair Salon 2!

Our bestselling Toca Boca app, Toca Hair Salon, is back in an even better version with new characters, new tools, new accessories and even more hairstyling fun!

In this kid-friendly, Toca Boca super-creative kids app, you get to run your very own hair salon, with six fun characters to choose from. Cut hair, color and style hair any way you want, using lots of different hair styling tools – from a simple comb and scissors to a curling iron and a straightener. Trim mustaches, spray mohawks bright pink and give someone the curls they’ve always wanted!

Whoops – did you accidentally snip off too much hair? Make things right with our special tonic G.R.O.W. and then top it all off with hats, glasses and other fun accessories. Once you and your customer are happy with the way they look, don’t forget to take them to the camera booth for a snapshot!

What’s in Toca Boca's - Toca Hair Salon 2?
- 6 completely new characters
- Fun hair makeover tools: razor, curling iron, a crimper and a straightener
- More realistic hair color spray effects – combine to make new shades!
- Accessories: hats, glasses and much more
- Cool photo backdrops
- Smooth and beautiful animations
- Better and more realistic hair styling - make any style you want!
- Support for Android tablets and new Android devices

Other features you’ll recognize from Toca Hair Salon:
✔ Cut and trim hair with the scissors electric hair trimmer
✔ Wash hair with shampoo, shower, and towel
✔ Use the hairdryer to get the right look
✔ 9 hair colors to choose and combine
✔ Lots of accessories for the final touch
✔ Use the magic potion G.R.O.W to make hair grow back again
✔ Characters make fun faces and sounds while you’re styling them
✔ No rules or stress - play any way you want to!
✔ Kid-friendly interface
✔ Available for both Android phones and Android tablets
✔ No third-party advertising
✔ No in-app purchases


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12,941 total
5 8,799 
4 1,913 
3 829 
2 471 
1 929 

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Jackie Surran Published date: September 4, 2017

    Not worth $'s fun because you can do anything you want to their hair, but you can barely make certain styles because it can't cooperate with you. I would still play it when I'm bored, however. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Aimee Gould Published date: August 28, 2017

    It is so slow at downloading Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    fierydeath420 Published date: August 27, 2017

    Make a toca life mall Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    kitkatme103 G Published date: September 1, 2017

    BESST Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    James Dunlop Published date: September 18, 2017

    Jhgh Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    UghZoey Published date: July 21, 2015

    Money Well Spent This game features characters that you are needed to customize the hair of. Even though it is really fun I think that you should add hair challenges so that you have to match a picture of the hair on that character to make them happy or sad and the expressions would show. If happy then advance forward, if sad then start over and retry. Thanks for the great app Toca Boca! By the way, I love Toca Boca games. They are awesome. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    lulus momma Published date: January 26, 2016

    So fun! I bought this game for my 4 1/2 year old who loves all things Toca Boca, and she loves it (of course). Recently she was sick though, and we were both making hairstyles on different devices and comparing them, it was hilarious. And so now I'm hooked, it's a lot of fun. Great job, guys! Keep in putting out great games! Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Rachel Paille Published date: August 4, 2015

    One of my favorite games. The only thing that i dislike is that it is impossible to get to the settings menu! I wanted to turn the sound off but every time i clicked the gear button it would tell me to swipe in a different direction with 2 fingers and when i did nothing happened. Other than that, i love this app. I play it for hours. It would be cool if there was a braiding option and cornrows and stuff like that. Also if we could rotate the characters so we could do the sides and back, that would top it! Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Naomi L. Published date: December 23, 2016

    Love it! I really love this game! It's simple but so much fun. The one thing that bothers me is the lack of dye colors. (There's no red? And some different shades of colors would be nice.) That's it. Love this game. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Laura Lee Cochran Published date: June 30, 2015

    Wonderful I would love it more if we could put their hair in braids or in buns. Also it would be cool if we could change their clothes to match their hair. And I wish the earrings would shrink more cuz I sometimes have my characters have piercings but they are a little to big for the characters face. Also it would be cool to have necklaces and note backgrounds for pictures. But this app is super fun. I spend all day on it. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Emily Padilla Published date: June 7, 2016

    I have to right this 2 time now cause it deleted my last one. Anyway a good game I play with myself ND my brother ND my seize and my mom it very fun. Sometime I put blue hair and put circles in their faces and it make them laugh some much. Sometime it coke out kinds ugly. It make me mad. And what is up with the boy with orange face and brown thing where the face and mooth is. Is it suppose to be goriola like king kong. Good game I give it a thumps up. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    musiclover anita Published date: January 24, 2017

    I bought the app and had a lot of fun. However, the app constantly glitches; especially when i was pressing the screen for quite awhile to grow the hair, dye the hair etc. Can you please fix the issue, thanks! Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Ruben Sanchez Published date: July 4, 2015

    No support for my android tablet Even though they claim there's now support for android tablets, I can't get it to work with my galaxy tab 4. There's not much it tells me. Just that there's an error when downloading and that it can't be installed on my device or SD storage. That would be cool with me, but it won't even let me get a refund. I love this app and would like to get it to work but it's frustrating me right now. I've deleted a lot of stuff from my device in hopes that it was just a storage problem but is still telling me there's an error. Can someone let me know what's wrong? Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Ashley Ortiz Published date: May 7, 2016

    I like it. I'd give 5 stars if you add a customization for their outfit and their face. For instance, their teeth is jacked up so please have an option for that. Also please have an option for their eyebrows.. You can't color them or trim them with scissors or shave them off!! Please update Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Livvy Murphy Published date: February 16, 2016

    Annoying Problems please fix!!! I love the game my sister has it on her tablet, but for some reason, it just keeps freezing on mine! It's so annoying because it really is a fun game, I will give it 5 star if you fix it! Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Victoria Blue Published date: August 22, 2015

    My friends love it Often i do hair and make them look like my friends, or even I make something look weird they have a good laugh, yes it cost money but take it from me its fun, makes it even better with no adds!!! 😁 Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    maria parra Published date: June 20, 2015

    It is cool I like this app but I think it would be better if they had more characters and that they can dress up in different clothes. It would get so much more interesting. Sometimes I get kind of bored with its app. With just a little more accecories it would be great. Good app though. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Krx Hrvoje Published date: March 27, 2017

    Game is nice for my daughter. Although I'm a bit disappointed because Tocca devs are releasing new simmilar games instead of improoving already released ones. All hair saloon games could be one app instead of three. I purchased most of your games but I will not buy same concept in diff package, like HS3. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    GeneralBobby EDH Life Published date: April 24, 2016

    Best of the bunch This is the only game of this sort that works as it should. Control is responsive and animation is smooth. Play others back to back with this and you'll see what I mean. Toca boca games make quality games for kids, which is rare. Most games for little kids are shovelware. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Killua Zoldyck Published date: August 28, 2015

    Why cant they turn around? It would be awesome if you can turn them around! If their hair is long it should be a button to turn them around or it should be a button on the home screen for hard mode and each customer comes in and ask for things that they want and it should say "Hard Mode" Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Audrey Bricker Published date: November 27, 2015

    Glitches and can't refund I can't even open the app and it won't let me refund. I am sorry. I really liked this app. Does anybody know how to contact the creators? I am getting my money back. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Roman Published date: October 21, 2015

    Sound effects good, characters voices bad This is such an entertaining app, I play it often, but there'w one thing to tweak: please make an option to turn the characters voices off - they are too frequently making exclamation noises like AH and WOW and it's very annoying! I like the relaxing sound effects of the comb, water, spray and scissors etc and even the street noise is nice but the voice parts are so irritating! Please make this change and I'll definitely rate 5 stars Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Amy Easterly Published date: June 28, 2015

    Awesome! We love Toca apps so much we have purchased most for both our apple and android devices. Even the grown-ups get caught up in the fun! Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Sabrina D Published date: December 13, 2015

    I love this app I LOVE this app, the only things I'm wishing on is that you turn the patients head, play a hard mode,medium mode, or an easy mode, meaning that the patients would ask for a specific haircut, and it depends on how you do that they may give you points to spend in a shop, the shop would have options to buy "braiding" and other stuff like hair spray and accessories, I would also want other unique characters, like little girls and boys, (even though this is a lot) I would like a Toca spa game, or like that thx! Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Angelina Majarais Published date: January 1, 2016

    Love it This game is the best and fun to play!but one thing, WHY CANT U MAKE THE GAME TOCA LAB FREE!? I WANT IT SOOOOO BAD! Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Heaven Fisher Published date: July 31, 2015

    What? No somebody can't tell you what's wrong girlfriend:) #I HAVE SWAGGER GIRLFRIEND HA !HA! LOL LAUGH OUT LOUD #BYE# :) Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Hollie McEwen Published date: March 6, 2016

    Freezes I can't even open the game without it freezing when it gets to the title screen. Cheap but a complete waste of money, I really wanted to play as well... Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Aaliyah Hines Published date: June 22, 2015

    This game is not fun if you do the same people everyday. Also how about letting us turn the customers around so we can do the back. It will make this game a lot fun. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    meeseeks youseeks we all seeks for real fake doors Published date: December 23, 2016

    It's great but... The description says 9-12 but my 2 year old can play it also the heads keep glitching out of frame Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Taylor Marino Published date: December 29, 2015

    It keeps freezing Every single time I go to to play it keeps freezing so I had to delete it. After I deleted it I redownloaded it to see if it would work again and it didn't so please fix it so I can play it again cuz it is a really fun game and I don't want anyone to experience this. Now this is the fourth time I have downloaded it since the new update and it still dose not work 🙅🙅🙅😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😩😩😩😩😩😩😢😢😢😢 Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Simran Chana Published date: July 10, 2016

    Great It really expresses my freedom and now I can do whatever the hell I want with someone's hair. It's funny when I make them bald and they start crying 😂😂😂 Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Jenni Armstrong Published date: October 13, 2015

    Lots of Fun! My 12 year old has a blast playing this game. The only down-side to it is the excessive battery consumption on my tablet while playing it. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    CosmicAngel Published date: May 21, 2016

    I Love it! :D I had this app for a while (deleted for space, shouldn't have cuz won't fit anymore :/) very entertaining and a great time waster. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Keriana Cain Published date: March 23, 2016

    Frozen screen😖 Every single. I get on I can't play and tried to get a refund but it won't let me so that means I haven't got too play yet😵😨😭😖😔🙍🙅😿 Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Tutorials XYZ Published date: October 1, 2016

    PLEASE READ Well I used to play the game hours on end but now It won't load I have a android hudl 2 and I payed money for this app please make it work I love it so much I have tried deleting the app and downloading it restarting my hudl. It's ever since I've got the most recent hudl system update is there anything you can do Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    AlexRiverlake Published date: November 1, 2015

    Please fix this issue.. I love this game but, everytime I go on another tab to put on music etc. It restarts! So please fix this, thanks. :) Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Tootsy Mc Fruitsy Published date: April 2, 2016

    It is the worst game that ever existed I downloaded the app and it was fine for awhile . Then when I clicked on the app and it just turned on a black screen I kept trying and nothing happened trust me it's a waste of your money. I WANT A REFUND. Don't download this game. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Published date: February 1, 2017

    This game is great! I love doing their hair because I can't do anyone's hair in real life. I love being able to try to recreate my friends' hair. Or making my hair and then dyeing it purple or something crazy like that. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Naomi Davidson Published date: April 26, 2016

    Not happy at all, bought this for my daughter and she loves it but now everytime she opens it crashes. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling still same issue. Full Review

  • Toca Hair Salon 2
    Reda Merhi Published date: June 7, 2016

    Toca boca Please toca boca u have to create a game called human life and if he want to cut his hair he can go to hair saloon 1 and it will cost less money than hair saloon 2 and he can go to the toca boca lab and he can play cars in toca boca cars place and if he want go to another country he will go to toca boca train and u can add all the games u created i wish u read my words and please create this and sell it for 16 $ and u will get like ten milloon downloads Full Review