Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Be the hero of your Final Fantasy XV adventure in this brand new mobile game!

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  • Current Version: 0
  • Updated: July 19, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Be the hero of your own Final Fantasy XV adventure in the brand new mobile strategy game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Build your own kingdom, discover powerful magic, and dominate the realm alongside all of your friends!

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile adventure that lets you rewrite a favorite classic to fulfill your unique destiny. Journey through vast kingdoms, gather magical resources, and build the strongest Empire in Final Fantasy history! Fight fire with magic to defend friends and defeat foes alongside millions of players from around the world! Do you have the strength and strategy to control the Crystal and rule the Realm?

✔ Experience your very own epic FFXV adventure on your mobile phone
✔ Jump into the action with Noctis, Cindy, and all of your favorite FF15 characters
✔ Fight alongside friends and against foes in legendary battles against millions of players from around the world!
✔ Build up your large army and best strategy to win in real-time action-packed battles
✔ Create the ultimate Guild or join up with already-powerful forces
✔ Strategize with your guild to crush enemies and beasts in real-time battles
✔ Compete for the Crystal against players from all over the world
✔ Travel the Realms and collect rare resources to build an epic Empire
✔ Become a legend by taking control of the Crystal and ruling the Realm

An epic world with no rules: only magic. Will your magic grow to stand the test of time or will your empire be defeated?

Your legend starts now in the new MMORPG: Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire.


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  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Salena Evans Published date: August 11, 2017

    I just started playing and love it. Much more than just a tap game or kingdom builder! Only thing is the constant pop up ads for dif $99.99 promotions to make players stronger. I don't have that kind of money, hopefully it doesn't turn into a pay to play and us more broke players have room to grow and play. If the loyalty limit could be gotten rid of raised tbat would be awesome, too Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    senile people Published date: July 28, 2017

    This is an awesome game! Great graphics! They merge some song from FFXV...feels nostalgic lol.It's all good. But please enable us to leap through realm! Or at least you should put a warning message that says BEWARE!! IF YOU JOINED A GUILD IN THIS REALM, YOU ARE STUCK IN THIS REALM FOREVER! I hope you would consider this ^^ Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Stefan Persson Published date: August 18, 2017

    Can't believe they suddenly merged realms after only 3-4 days. I bought some $ stuff because that enabled me to compete in a fun way for the top on the realm with a 2th place guild. Baam! Dropped to 16th place with the merge. Literally dropped 14 new heavy cash guilds into our realm. Drained all the fun. Hopefully they will at least acknowledge a refund and delete my account. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Kainoa Gueso Published date: August 8, 2017

    I have always dreamed of moving to Japan and getting every Japan domain game too play via PlayStation and other systems.. As final fantasy stands it is the greatest game I have ever experienced growing as a child too a man. This is the greatest I love this app, and I will continue on my venture here in Japan with the love of my life and the love I have not only for this country but my little island home as well. Mahalo and aloha praise keakua, game on.. Aloha Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    cèćho husky Published date: August 4, 2017

    This game is amazing, I love the graphics and the game play, really addictive. I know most people think you can't play unless you pay a lot of money to do anything, but you don't have to, I haven't spent anything yet and I'm at citadel lvl 12 and played for about 2 weeks. And I love how the game has an instant translate, there's basically no games that have done it before or as good as this game has done it. Would recommend to play if you like this type of game. I'm sure I'm going to be playing for a long time. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Chris Barnes Published date: August 2, 2017

    I love the game. It has good graphics and gameplay was easy enough to figure out. This is a pay to advance game and the rewards for most things you do in this game are garbage. They need to make it a little more friendly for people who can not afford to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Im 6 or 700 dollars in and i probably will not spend another dime on it. I am only a lv 20 cit and I still can not afford t3 troups. So you can imagine what you would have to spend to get further than that. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    MintgamerMCPE //MLPFIM Published date: August 18, 2017

    A game like this ussually bores me... however this game is different i played this for nearly 1-8 hours every weekend. Unlike any other Kingdom games its an online community and I enjoyed it alot to be very honest! Love it<3! Keep making Final Fantasy XV a Better Game❤🎮 Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Travis Altman Published date: August 8, 2017

    I love final fantasy since the first for nintendo. This game is like mobil strike but better. No bugs found by me yet. Great job for first day released! 👍👍. I just wish i bought the time bundle instead of the hero one...1/2 build time is unheard of and now it's 20bucks instead of 5... met some great people already too adults and teens. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Paco Oropeza Published date: August 9, 2017

    Pretty great concept. Abviously same as many of the war games. Once you get to level 10 you really need to pay to get far. But i guess the developers need tp make their money somehow. And abviously you will always have those that spend their whole allowance on a game so pretty much if you dont spend the money you will be a middle to low level player always. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Dylan DeLaat Published date: August 10, 2017

    The gane seems to be pretty good. T It is like Moble Strike and Gane of War so it is a little bit lol sided fir the paying players. Although the Developers are very quick to respond to your issues in game which is very good. most realms from what I have heard are very active with a wide variety of players so you are bound to find some great people to chat to while you play. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Nicholas Oxley Published date: July 20, 2017

    It's good for when you got a quick 10 mins but it does feel like a cash grab, resources take forever to build up, and some building times are gobsmacking... but it is fun, if you join a guild of like minds and can be entertaining, pretty easy controls and always a guide you can take a look at. Unfortunately, system wise, it does close unexpectedly every now and again, and can be annoying but future updates can patch that I'm sure. So for a f2p game, it's enjoyable but don't be sucked into throwing your money into it. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Brandon Gray Published date: July 24, 2017

    A quick city builder, takes me just a few minutes a couple times a day to stay up to date. However the constant in your face ads gets excruciatingly old, they're shoved down your throat every time you so much as switch screens. It's definitely P2W if you want to reach the upper echelons Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Fierce Deity Lynx Published date: July 24, 2017

    Its a great game, compared to mobile strike, and fire age, this is better. I love it more than most the games on my phone. Sure, it isn't a game where you get to wander around, but sometimes you just gotta play a different type of game. The rewards for the quests are great. The monsters are easy to kill if youre strong enough. And its great to be in a friendly guild and make a hive on the map. I just wish the realms were connected, because my friend is about 200 realms away from mine. My sister even made an empire, and we couldn't find each other in the player search. We did capitals where we have capitals. None where we don't have any. We couldn't find eachother. Nor could she find my guild. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Brent Knudson Published date: August 1, 2017

    Seems very pay to win. I play daily but am so far behind even my clan mates it is a joke. Built in walls on storage encourage spending and second accounts or else better have friends willing to share what materials they got or you are stuck completely. Can't say I like it that much, but sticking it out for now to see if it improves as it is new. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    ian john slee Published date: August 12, 2017

    Haven't been playing long but so far its a great game. Its a fantasy world so is not about how big your guns are or how powerful your troops are. Not even that expensive to play yet. I'm sure it'll get expensive but for now a little money goes a long way. Sum up..good to play, good and friendly people and easy on the eye. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    azmi ahmad Published date: August 2, 2017

    Great graphics. I recognize the background songs. I love the way this game brings me back memories of Noctis and his brothers. Its all great but the different realm aren't accessible easily. It would be awesome if we can jump over realm. Or if we can destroy those non active player. Muehehe Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Nav G Published date: August 15, 2017

    Overall, it's a good game. Fun and addicting. It's basically a bootleg version of Game of War lol. Only thing I don't like so far is the in game purchases and the ads for these purchases. These packages cost $100. There's no way in hell, I'm spending that much on a game. You guys should make smaller much cheaper packages. Smh but overall, the game itself is pretty good. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Raymond Lattanzi Published date: July 21, 2017

    Don't get this game. Not worth it. Making to many worlds and you can't change worlds. There are high power people spending thousands of dollars to play this game. Realy can I have some money. And there is some in this game who works for this game. He is the most power ful. And be will attack you so you spend money. That how this game works. That person was who works for this place. Ask him what he does. He said works for some kind of gaming stuff. But he had 10 mil power and is the most powerful Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    A Edmons II Published date: August 12, 2017

    The amount of rss needed gets to be overwhelming as the game allows for very limited space to build rss buildings. Like all games this type, food is something not worth its salt, for any sizable army depletes food faster than it can be produced or gathered. Best feature of this game, the people you meet. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Verria Published date: August 4, 2017

    Pretty good, basic war game. It's still in its baby stages, but I look forward to seeing what it can become. As for right now, it relies too much on buyers. I don't want it to become a game where you can't have fun if you don't buy. But I like how the buyers are rewarded, but it's a thin line there. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Daniel K Published date: August 11, 2017

    Would be much improved if attacks could be launched from encampments. Also would be nice to be able to trade with any player, and be able to trade gold and loyalty. The packages for purchase get way too expensive, $100 for a package on a cell phone game is ridiculous (as are the $50 packs). Choosing your realm would be nice as well. All that said, it's still an enjoyable game Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Miranda Victoria Published date: August 19, 2017

    Despite that it's an aggressive game and attracts bullies, it gives the freedom to chat with new friends all around the world. My other concern besides that is we cannot move to another realm. So I had to contact the developer to delete my account so I can use the username with my other email. They're still unable to break the connection with facebook, so I can't link my new account to my facebook. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    D3C31V35 #1730 Published date: July 26, 2017

    Great game. Not only is it a base builder. But you can attack other players. Scavenge resources. Hunt monsters on the world map. Level up the hero of your choice, and youll earn experience for them. This will make your Empire stronger and rewards you with skill points to boost thing like army strength, production speed, and more. Give the game some time, get through the titorial, join a populated guild and youll be loving it in no time. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    J L Published date: July 23, 2017

    Greediest most blatant pay-to-win title I've ever experienced. Square-Enix should be ashamed they licencees out the Final Fantasy name to these criminals. No real gameplay. No story. Includes nearly nothing Final Fantasy related. You will see a chocobo running about in the background and your hero is named Notctis. That's the full spolier for all final fantasy content. I just saved you some time. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    RASGamingOnline ShortClips Published date: July 19, 2017

    Now my problem is that they force $99.99 packs after buying two packs before hand. Sucks that they dont give you anything in the packs worthwhile. The packs are worthless and im sick of playing and getting attacked left and right all ready by a level 25. NO FAIR!!! I think I might be done with this game. I know its new and all but could at least give us more stuff. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Belladonna Tanner Published date: August 1, 2017

    Translator needs work. The how to play is bit chopy. And resource gather is a pain I can see how some people give up only a few level in. I been playing a month and just barely capping my stuff at 13. loyalty earnings is a pain for the cost of items expecially if you are in a smaller guild. But this is the first war game I have stuck with this long. And I run a guild Go Dragon Fire Strike ^^82. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Dan Soden Published date: August 6, 2017

    This game is much like any other kingdom building game. The biggest problem I have is the very poor how to play section of this game and the events that they have going. The top tier prizes can only be established by getting items that the game hasn't released yet. For the events that you can get top tier prizes in, they are not worth the effort. Very disappointing game and would not recommend it at this point. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Desmond Nettles Published date: August 7, 2017

    Great game. But it is pay to win. And they are very greedy. First pack is 5 bux then jumps to 20 bux then straight to 100 bux. And the 5 and 20 dollar packs you can only buy once. After that it 100 dollars. Straight greedy. Game is seriously unbalanced unless you find a good guild to help you. But all pay to win are in same guilds pretty much. Kinda gets boring once the bigger guys start farming you. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Jordan Willis Published date: August 11, 2017

    The developers merge servers without warning, putting your empire up against established alliances that have been playing for months. The mergers are without reason or warning. They are feeding their initial 'whale' player base by gifting them new players to farm that can't defend themselves. NEVER invest money into this game. It's a waste. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    xXShadowsEdgeXx Gaming Published date: August 13, 2017

    Dont waste your time with this game, it is a Pay 2 Win, by far. If you play you will only end up being farmed by high players and pressured to pay money to defend yourself. Its not worth the time or expense. All top guilds are allies and will relentlessly attack you so you cant do a single thing. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    George Wilkes Published date: August 15, 2017

    Clearly based around the use of the premium currency bought by using real life money. Graphics are horrible, I've seen better from the old Age of Empires games from the early 2000s. It has no actual focus or core game play, there's no strategy involved, just a game to rake in cash. At least Exodus or whatever that other FF mobile game had actual game play in the form of creature encounters, this is just pitiful and boring. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Boogey Ratt Published date: August 18, 2017

    Pathetic cash grab. This is not a game for those who aren't willing to sink an insane amount of money into it. I know, because I have. I have also tried free alt accounts and they simply will not allow you to succeed in this game without paying money into it. On top of that there are scads of technical issues. Chat doesn't work right. Mail doesn't update. The map doesn't always draw. Just not worth getting invested in. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Published date: August 5, 2017

    Rediculous. I told all my friends from MS to upload XV so that they could join my alliance. We had big plans in this game. But everyone appeared to be in different states and are not able to join me. You seriously expect to make money off packs if ppls friends get randomly spread out? This game is even more dumb than GoW. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Scott Masbaum Published date: August 4, 2017

    You spend a month building up your Empire. To have another guild attack you over 50 times. Setting you back to nothing. Then getting in game emails trash talk. Grow up. The only way to come back from it is to spend money. There should be a limit on how many times you get attacked. So the casual gamer isn't screwed. If you can't live in game. PASS ON IT! Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    James Freeman Published date: August 9, 2017

    The "micro transactions" aspect is a little too pushy. I understand they want to make money. However, after buying the first one, $5, the only one you see after that is $20. Then you buy that. Now all they show you is the $100 deal. I can justify to myself spending $5 on a game. I can even justify $20 periodically. I can never justify spending $100 in one go on a mobile game. If you guys want money from me again start showing me the lower deals. Until then you get nothing from me. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Kent Salmond Published date: July 24, 2017

    Game is no where near worthy of being called a final fantasy game. It is basically a cheap knock off like every other war game built in this style, except they slapped some final fantasy skins on there to get you to download it. They try to get you to pay for permanent resource boosts and other garbage. Just go buy a real final fantasy game and save yourself the money and time. Not worth it. 2/5 stars. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Jeremy Reichel Published date: July 31, 2017

    It has a small bug that force closes the app randomly, and it gets annoying everytime you open the app they are trying to get you to buy a package. And last if you have friends that told you about this game and if you want to play with them your out of luck because there is no way to teleport to your friend if your both in different realms. Until they fix that and make a teleport where you can teleport into different realms I'll give this a 3 star rating. If they fix this i might come back and give it a higher rating depending what all they fix. Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    eric aqui Published date: July 26, 2017

    They make it so you have to spend lots of money to keep up, then they do sneaky stuff like merge your brand new server with an old server after you've spent a little, which takes away from the initial value you put in. Not worth it, I'm regretting every dime I've spent. Turn away now! Lol Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    Stephen Seguin Published date: July 31, 2017

    Great and addictive. Only problems so far are crashing issues and the in game deals. I'm not spending 129.99 on anything. Make smaller and better deals. Also a change of events and prizes would be great as well. Also maybe remove the daily loyalty limit? Or make it much higher than it is Full Review

  • Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
    JASON STEELE Published date: August 2, 2017

    They game is a money pig. Don't waste your time. They merge realms causing you to lose progress compared to other players. I bought a $5 pack then it forces you to buy a $20 pack or higher. If you purchase the $20 pack, they force you to buy a $50 pack. Not enough resources available to make the game progress in timely manner. Full Review