Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping

Browse, search & buy millions of products right from your Android device.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: October 12, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Product Features

* Customers are able to shop millions of products on any of Amazon's sites around the world from a single app
*Use Alexa to help you shop—just use your voice to search for products on Amazon, track your orders, and reorder your favorite items. Tap the microphone icon and say “where’s my stuff?” to access open orders. Reorder products by saying “reorder paper towels” or “buy more batteries”.
* Take advantage of 1-Click ordering, customer support, Wish Lists, create or find a baby or wedding registry, order tracking, and more
* Scan product barcodes and images to compare prices and check availability using Scan It
* Check out Gold Box Deals - including the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals, and get automatically notified when new deals become available
* Send and share links to products via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more
* Sign-up for automatic shipment notifications to know when your order ships and arrives
* Buy with confidence, knowing that all transactions are securely processed

Product Description

The Amazon Shopping app lets you shop millions of products and manage your Amazon orders from anywhere. Browse, shop by department, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, and check the status of your orders.
Compare prices and availability by typing in your search, scanning a barcode or an image with your camera, or using your voice. Never miss a deal with easy access to Lightning Deals and the Deal of the Day. You can also sign-up for shipment notifications to know when your order ships and arrives. You have full access to your Shopping Cart, Wish Lists, payment and Prime shipping options, Subscribe & Save order history, and 1-Click settings, just like on the full site. All Amazon Shopping app purchases are routed through Amazon's secure servers to encrypt and safeguard your personal information.

Important Note Regarding Permissions

Please note that the Amazon Shopping app requires access to the following services to operate properly:
* Contacts: This permission is used to so that you can access your phone contacts from the Amazon app for the purposes of sending Amazon gift cards and inviting friends to use the Amazon app.
* SMS: This permission is used to simplify the process of phone number verification when creating an Amazon account registered to your mobile phone number.
* Camera: This permission is for Scan It, a new way to search for items quickly by scanning them with your camera.
* Flashlight: This permission is used to turn on the flash when using Scan It in low light conditions.
* Microphone: This permissions is used to support Voice Search and Voice Shopping Assistant features.
* Location: Location permissions are used to assist customers in searching for Amazon Lockers near their current location.
* Account: This permission is used for integration with Facebook and other social networks you have connected to your device to allow you to share products with friends and family.
* Phone: This permission is used to pre-populate and dial the Amazon Customer Service number.
* Storage: This permission is required to support notifications in China.
* Wifi: This permissions is used when setting up either a Dash Button or Dash Wand using the Amazon Shopping app.

OS Requirements: Requires Android OS 4.1or higher and a rear-facing camera. The Amazon App for Tablets is available on Google Play. Search for "Amazon Tablet" to install the app and begin shopping.


777,899 total
5 507,139 
4 138,107 
3 53,261 
2 22,104 
1 57,288 

  • Amazon Shopping
    krishna kashyap Published date: October 14, 2017

    .. However Amazon is no doubt an internationally repituted online business plan organization but careless management is no exception in Indian market seen frequently ooooppss 👥 Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Gord Law Published date: October 14, 2017

    This latest update appears to have misplaced my wish lists. Only the default one is available. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Jason Edwards Published date: October 12, 2017

    It works, but it is dreadfully slow. Trying to manipulate list items is, at best, frustrating. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    oakhurst gaming guy Published date: October 15, 2017

    Love Amazon but I really liked the old way of tracking your package with a bar rather then squares but either way love thise app Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Yoda Man Published date: October 16, 2017

    Crashes when I try to view my wish list. Fix it, and I'll change my review. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Will Too ill Published date: October 14, 2017

    i love amazon but why is my app in korean or chinese looking language i cant use the app hence i am not of asian decent. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: October 14, 2017

    Its easy to use love this app. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Darrin Stanton Published date: October 14, 2017

    Must of been a Angel that made this app👍🌷💚💜💞 Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Brenda Baxter Published date: October 12, 2017

    Please up date to the newer version . Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Steve MacDonald Published date: October 14, 2017

    crashes too much....... Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Ishfakuzzaman Choudhury Published date: October 15, 2017

    Best way to shopping Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Tony Tremmel Published date: October 14, 2017

    My wishlist is gone Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: October 14, 2017

    RONALDO is Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Ankit Kushwaha Published date: October 14, 2017

    Flipcart is better than Amazon. Flipcart have better app layout and provide better offers like as they are providing 10% instant discount with HDFC cards but you are giving Cash Back with SBI cards on Diwali offer. And why are you going for must have app on devices. It's really irritating, go for better services. Otherwise disabled app will not give you any output. Thanks🙂 Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    John Starrs Published date: October 1, 2017

    Me NO Smile! This the best app EVER! Except for one thing: No Amazon Smile. I think that is just dumb. I want to use this awesome app, but cannot feel good about it until it supports my fav charity. Oh Great Amazon Semidemigods, wilt thou please fix the app for we wee mortals, please? Thanks, mac. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Nathan Gingrich Published date: October 9, 2017

    I would love to rate this better but the shipping estimations are horrible. I had it say for 2 day free shipping get it in 10 days, for standard free shipping get it in 4 days, or free rush shipping get it in 7 days. This is just what happened today. I paid for prime so what is my actual shipping estimate? How does standard get here before rush 1 day and 2 day? Please fix this to get a better score. The rest of the app is good. Results match the search, and the app is easy to navigate. I just wish the shipping issues would be solved. Some say prime shipping and it takes 10 days to get here. Then I have the confusion like mentioned here previously. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Salem Nightz Published date: October 8, 2017

    It was fine until the last update. Now it's been crashing constantly, and if I have it running when my screen turns off it freezes up my entire phone until I restart it. Please fix this, Amazon is one of my places to shop and I'd hate for this to get in the way of it. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: September 29, 2017

    App doesn't work and is very very slow. Tells me item can't be added to my cart and to check my internet connection. There is nothing wrong with with my connection. When I do finally get to my cart it shows multiple items of what it said couldn't be added in the first place! Simply stupid. Please fix! Does not reflect the expected Amazon experience! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Christopher Gagne Published date: October 11, 2017

    I've always liked the app, and it used to be a 5 star app all day for me until they removed the ability to sort my wish list into just items that dropped in price. The whole reason they are in my list in the first place is I was waiting for the price to go down, and now that I can't sort just those items I find myself not really taking the time to check through my whole list unless it's for a specific thing. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    H B Published date: October 1, 2017

    Extremely slow loading speed of pages (photos, links). Unable to comment on reviews. Unable to see reviews of sellers. Changing language will send out a pointless spam email to you saying you changed default your language - that is a waste of time and energy. Unable to reach one's seller account through this app, but Amazon Seller app crashes too frequently to be useful. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Kevin Lewis Published date: October 3, 2017

    The app is awesome and I use it alot, but it is so dependent on ads. I have ad blocking on my network and the app has a lot of issues if the ads can't load... I pay $90+ a year for prime and I have to have ads load to do business with their app. Let me pay you 3 times now. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Joshua Marsh Published date: October 2, 2017

    The recent update will not allow me to make purchases. I'm connected to the Internet but it says I have no Internet connection but how do you think I'm sending this's something to think about. about testing and making sure that the updates work before updating I was about to spend a lot of money what a major inconvenience Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Dorita Powell Published date: October 9, 2017

    Amazon screws over grieving family's. My father passed away and I ordered some urns and paid for two day shipping so it would be here in time. Then I was told it couldn't be here on time. I have no urns to put my father's ashes . And I can't get my money back for 3 to 5 days so I can't pay for urns any where else in time. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Ben Alderfer Published date: September 27, 2017

    I love amazon but this app needs improvements. The ui is outdated and not user friendly. For example, to return to the product from the reviews, you need to press back multiple times or use the side bar to see recent items. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Convergence Companies Published date: October 13, 2017

    As an Amazon Prime member, am horrified by the invasive permissions and collecting of personal information. Will not use this app on my phone. Will order via desktop. Only reason it gets two stars is because the app is SD card compatible. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Nicole Schoenhoft Published date: October 16, 2017

    Fix your app! It has a lot of problems registering when you tap on it. It takes many taps for it to do what you want. I shouldn't have to wait for a minute to finally add something to my cart. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    San Hill Published date: October 4, 2017

    Great experience for years with Amazon as far as; packaging, notifications, and customer service, but until recently, I've been getting false details that my "items have been shipped", and "out for delivery!!!" to-then find out it's delayed and "rescheduled" a week or more. I get it's probably due to natural catastrophic disasters, but why have me pay $20+ extra for shipping? Can I get my money back for THAT? I know, I'm cheap. I still love you, Amazon. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Michael Prentice Published date: October 1, 2017

    Changing applications to my contacts and back to new address form causes the full form to clear and loosen all of my inputs. It's a terrible UX and resulted in me not placing the order right now. Integrate with my phone's Google account. Add Material Design. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Kou Lo Published date: October 2, 2017

    Amazon sucks 4 out of 5 of my shipments have been late and I actually paid for prime membership. Customer service is a joke. Half the time I don't even think they are speaking English. I used to like Amazon now I wish I had never used them Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Christina Niccum Published date: October 7, 2017

    I use Amazon Shopping ALL. THE. TIME. I'm an introvert with a toddler. That means we shop online often. And I usually love this app. (Except that you can't do Amazon Smile on it! What the heck is up with that...) Since the last update, it SUCKS!!! I can't ad thing to the cart! Of all the bugs, this is the worst. It's unusable! When I ad things to the cart, it says "cannot add, please check internet connection." It looks like I'm not the only one this is happening to. Something broke, Amazon peeps. Please, please fix it! Sincerely, a loyal customer Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Nat Co Published date: October 12, 2017

    Usually awesome. Problem since last update, the app shows only the default wish list. One wish list instead of all. I've logged in Amazon. Ca on Google Chrome, same problem. Hope this helps and problem could be resolved. Thx. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    russell wilkie Published date: October 12, 2017

    Amazon is taking too long to ship out. Always want me to buy Prime . not going to. 5 to 10 days to ship an 4 More to get products Wal-Mart am jet ships out that day or next day. Dear Amazon when are you going to realize shipping needs to go out same-day or next-day Walmart an jet is going to leave you in the dust if you don't wake up. Hello............ Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    edmond meta Published date: October 13, 2017

    I have never had any issues with apps crashing on me. I have a Galaxy S8+ and it is flawless. However.. Amazon store app freezes and closes down on me over and over. I cant even shop for 3 minites without it closing down on me. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Alexi Kosmas Published date: September 29, 2017

    The app works like a charm, and I've only bought off of Amazon for over a year. The best customer service I've literally ever experienced, you have any issue and Amazon will make it right or better Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Ray Miranda Published date: September 30, 2017

    I downloaded the app in order to get 5$ off the first app purchase and just went through the worst customer service in years trying to understand why the coupon did not get added properly to an order I just placed. Very disappointed as I love Amazon. The rep tried sending me a link through the app that would not open. Will be deleting app now. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: October 8, 2017

    I bought Hillary Clinton's new book "What Happened" from Amazon. It is a verified Amazon purchase, and after having read it, I left a one star review ...not a nasty review, but a negative review, in which I simply said the book was full of lies and excuses. The review was posted, but it only lasted ten hours before it was removed, so I posted it again. This time the review was never even posted. I consulted Google and eventually found an article in the USA Today that said Amazon was removing all negative reviews of the book. I told a friend (a Clinton supporter) who I'd let borrow the book, about this and not believing me, she too tried to leave a negative review, simply out of curiosity. Amazon will not even allow her to leave a review at all, stating that it was not a verified purchase (which, in her case, is correct). This is low, this is cheap, and this is typical liberal, socialist style propaganda. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Michal Svoboda Published date: October 9, 2017

    2 problems. 1- I cannot add items to my cart (check internet connection notification). 2- items that have options, example, clothing size or color. Sometimes I have to click the option numerous times to bring up the options, before writing this review I was able to select a size and color but then it wouldn't let me out of the selections! Urgh. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Aut Aut Published date: October 7, 2017

    I love Amazon but use Prime sellers ONLY to protect against buying junk from overseas until my latest purchase that was Prime but only free shipping; when I tried to return the item, the postal service couldn't find the address & the seller offered a 30% refund when I asked about the a address via email. I put in a complaint with Amazon and the seller offered a full refund (not yet recieved) with no product return (it's garbage no win here) but when I asked, Amazon said that the only way to avoid this in the future is to EMAIL EVERY SELLER. No longer protected using Prime. This will absolutely affect future purchases Amazon. Don't do this to us! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Irvin S Published date: October 9, 2017

    It automatically purchase item for me after saving item on cart. please don't be fooled just be because is *AMAZON* app. They will automatically purchase the item if left cart for few hours. I was lucky enough to talk to the seller for cancel and refund right away! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Shawna Foster Published date: October 5, 2017

    Double billed and they won't resolve the issue. This happened on my order and my daughter's order, which was paid by two different banking institutions. The common factor is placing the order with Amazon. Loved them until now. Hung up on by 3 supervisors, finally got "leadership", still no resolution from Amazon. I would give negative stars if I could. Full Review