These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach. Old flames burn in an Indian summer. By Barbara Trapido; Friday 20 February Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘Elegantly read by Nina Wadia’ INDEPENDENT. About the Author These Foolish Things – Kindle edition by Deborah Moggach. Actually I prefer to think that I read These Foolish Things and watched The Best .. Deborah Moggach’s The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (originally a different title) .

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At the front of the queue is Norman, followed by Evelyn, who “doesn’t want to be a burden”, Jean and her despairing husband, Douglas. Ravi’s English wife, Pauline is persuaded it’s good idea and they do there best to encourage Pauline’s widowed Father, Norman to move out there as one of he first guests.

Gradually other lonely, elderly Britishers with limited budgets and foolisg stories sign on for the idea and make their way to Bangalore. Now, I feel I need to watch the movie again. Dec 29, Melki rated it ghings it Shelves: The characters are definitely self-serving and largely unlikable.

These Foolish Things

The hotel manager is completely miserable in his marriage this again is supposed to be amusingbut his problems are resolved when his marriage breaks up. It felt too messy, there were lots I was actually quite disappointed coolish this book. But she’s rather tragic throughout, and then she connects with her childhood, and then she dies.

While the movie deals only with the lives of the old folks, the book brings in the equally complicated emotions of the children. Because I came away from the cinema with thess warm glow, I was really excited to read the book, because, well books are always better than the films, right?

Graham’s Colleague Hugh Dickson There is a wonderful cast of characters – some of whom behave quite badly – but for whom the reader is allowed to feel quite a bit of sympathy. It’s sad, but there is thinvs really racist people out there.

I had pretty strong mixed reactions to this book. I actually had to forget what I had seen. The movie was wonderful. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Review: Fiction: These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach | The Sunday Times

I have visited Bangalore on business, but even before thesf, I have had a foreigner’s infatuation with deborzh things Indian. When Jean is prostrated by grief on discovering her son’s homosexuality Douglas, after more than 40 years of marriage suddenly discovers that he doesn’t care whether she is happy or not, and in fact doesn’t like her at all and has never really loved her.

It had none of the atmosphere that the movie had.

Start your free trial. Care homes hhings closing, pensions are dwindling, and life expectancy is rising. Return to Book Page. Then I had a brainwave. If I hadn’t seen the movie I would never have picked this book up. However, I think there is a problem in that it is difficult to care about quite so many characters. Having adored the movie, I was motivated to read the book. View all 13 comments. The good doctor is not alone in his suffering. These elements, however, were just not enough to make me appreciate this book.

At times I felt it was so different too. Everyone manages to mind their manners in this book, and many of the characters are genuinely likeable – even the ever-randy Norman Purse, who’s been more than a wee bit frisky since his prostate operation. This novel was just what I needed a good laugh, not because I was miserable but the last novel I finished although excellent had very serious undertones.

Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your subscription. The full extent of how repugnant his father-in-law is, isn’t clear until the reader is exposed to his thoughts once in India. They cry out to be visible, to be valued for what they offer. Some of the retired English people in the hotel in Bangalore used email. Norman’s deboarh guy who basically gets the ball rolling in this book when he moves in with his daughter and son-in-law, Ravi.

On arrival they are dismayed to deborahh the palace is a shell of its former self, the staff more than a little eccentric, and the days of the Raj long gone.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach | : Books

I purchased the e-book. I read an excerpt and it bore no relation to the movie I had seen. Oct 20, Danny rated it it was amazing. Moggcah love reading anything about India and Indian culture.

And ends up debborah a young operative who has to pretend she comes from England. It did get better towards the end, and I toyed with giving it a 3, but decided against it. Douglas and Jean did not visit every temple and carving in India together, but rather Jean stayed in her room the entire time and Doug ventured out alone.

Do not stop to browse.

Review: Fiction: These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach

The most unlikable character in the book who was quite different in the film was absolutely vile. In the novel Evelyn, one of my characters, wanders into a call centre because she thinks she can phone from there.

Annoying comic relief, perhaps, but never made happy nor redeemed in his story. Enjoyed it and found it quite moving in places.

As one of the book’s characters says, after her father dies, she debprah now an orphan, and further, she is next in the queue. You are not writing an acute observation of humanity unless to you, “humanity” refers only to white people, which I suspect it does. My mouth hung open for that one. Did anyone else prefer the movie over the book?