DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. OOAD LAB MANUAL. Sub. Code/Sub. Name: CSObject Oriented Analysis and Design. 4 Nov CSOOAD Lab Manual. LAB MANUAL. SUB/CODE: CS Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab. SEM/YEAR: VI/III BRANCH: III. 13 Jan sp ot.c om S.K.P Institute of Technology Tiruvannamalai – DEPT: CSE w w w.e ee ex cl us iv e. bl og CS OBJECT ORIENTED.

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The book details and transaction details are stored in database.

These are explanatory parts of UML model. Low cost maintainability should be implemented in software. Stock Maintenance gives an idea about how products are maintained in the particular concern. The price of the item is displayed. It shows organization and their dependence among the set of components. This Software Requirements Specification provides a complete description of all the cs3257 and constraints of the Cs2357 ooad lab manual maintenance system, developed for the store and cs2357 ooad lab manual.

The attribute such as HRA, DA, TA, loan alb are go to for each employee which is used for calculating the net pay for each employee the controller who process all the details.

Graphically it is a solid line with hollow arrow head parent. The features available to the Students are: To analyse credit card system,design use case diagram,class diagram,sequence and collaboration diagram using rational rise enterprise edition. There are two different users who will be using this product: Once the process is over, the system automatically reserves the ticket for the user and it deliver by post.

Its interfaces depends person to person, if person is customer then cs2537 interface is different, if person is cashier then it is different and so on. The product will be operating in windows environment. The system cs2357 ooad lab manual developed to automate the stock maintenance. Draw the State Chart diagram. To develop a system for book bank management.

Dim rs1 As Recordset. Integrate best practices and methodologies. The prefabricated components are customized as per the requirements of the customers. Once the registration process is completed for a student, the registration system sends information to the billing system so the student can be billed for the year. They cs2357 ooad lab manual of two subdiagrams, the component diagram and the deployment diagram.

Also it handles the purchase of new titles mabual the Library. This project provides the complete information about various products exported and imported. This section gives the list of Functional and non functional requirements which cs2357 ooad lab manual applicable to the payroll Management System.

Where UML can be used: Natchatran Blogs includes Technical Tutorials, E-books, Notes, Lab Manual, Question Banks, Viva cs2357 ooad lab manual and Interview questions for engineering students, provides all study material for cs2357 ooad lab manual students.

The list of the departments is: Input for the customer is only their customer number and their name for logon after that they choose their item by just clicking and then they submit.

It means manuak the user is an cs2357 ooad lab manual then he can be able to modify the data, delete, append etc. The proposed system that we are going to develop will be used as the Chief performance system within the different branches of the organization which interact with the college staff and management.

CS Object Oriented Analysis and Design OOAD Lab Manual

To design and develop a system for stock maintenance. The customer enter the number of item for purchasing.

ooaad Graphically association is represented as a solid line possibly including cs2357 ooad lab manual. The company should be able to double the size of its operations without seriously affecting the response time of the system. Every complex system is best approached through a small set of nearly independent views of a model.

The main objective of this document is to illustrate the requirements of the project Library Management system. The system helps in credit card with amount transaction. A Library lends books and magazines to member, who is registered in the system. The expected audience of this document includes Head of Departments, faculty members and staff and students in cs2357 ooad lab manual college who will use the system. Sequence and collaboration diagram 3: The credit card system is developed using rational rose enterprise edition.

Book Bank Management System.

Input for the student is only their enrollment number and their name for logon after that cs2357 ooad lab manual choose their course by just clicking and then they submit. The library can easily create, replace and delete information about the books, members, and reservation in the system.

The students will use the kanual to register for courses, update their current course selections, and print bill. It enables us to maintain the railway train details like their timings, number of seat available cs237 reservation billing and cancelling the tickets.

MsgBox “record added successfully”. It shows the implementation phase cs2357 ooad lab manual the systems development, such as the source code structure manuaal the run-time implementation structure. Anna University Subject Code: The user of this system should register for any interaction with the system.

It is a static c2s357 diagram. After checking the number of seats available the customers reserve the tickets. As you gain more experience cs2357 ooad lab manual applying conceptual model using. OCL uses simple logic for specifying the properties of a system.