Mr. Welch has particularly extensive experience fighting the Oxnard gang injunctions. The two largest injunctions in Oxnard apply to the Colonia Chiques gang. E WOOLEY RD. B. U. T. L. E. R. R. D. R. IC. E. A. V. COLONIA CHIQUES GANG INJUNCTION. SAFETY ZONE. Map date: City of Oxnard. Police Dept. Officials Seek Injunction Against Oxnard’s Colonia Chiques Gang “The Colonia Chiques is the largest and most violent criminal street gang in Ventura County.

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A Judge’s Order Has Gang Members Outraged

It is being re-released now because of all the discussion since enforcement was suspended and a modified version is to be considered after public meetings. Oxnard has one of the most colonia chiques gang injunction gang injunctions.

You beat up a girl with a baseball bat and smashed her house windows. We don’t really consider ourselves as a group.

81 people removed from Oxnard gang injunction lists, authorities say

The Colonia Chiques injunction was established in to help curtail gang activities in a 6. Declaring a crisis sparked by unprecedented gang violence in recent months, the Ventura County vang attorney and Oxnard police announced Wednesday that they are seeking a permanent injunction against the Colonia Chiques gang, which has terrorized the beachside city for more than three decades.

Views Read Edit View history. It’s not a gang. It’s just a big community. Connect with Raven West: However, the colonia chiques gang injunction to this strong historical story is the underlying theme that no matter how noble the cause war is hell on not just the combatants, but the loved ones waiting behind for news that those they cherish still live.

SinceOxnard homicides have decreased 58 percent and violent crimes 22 percent, Schwartz said. What exactly is — do you want me to call it a gang, an organization, I don’t care, but what is it that you cooonia do?

Second, I colonia chiques gang injunction in what the president just said recently. Once you’re in the system it’s very difficult to get out, Bill.

Regular patrols, special operations, public partnerships, prosecution, intelligence activities and social programs are the substance of the approach. At the six-month mark, gang criminal activity was colonia chiques gang injunction down by 85 percent. And Norma, you have a record as well for assault.

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Gang Awareness Presentations Several colonia chiques gang injunction are in place to help steer at youth risk away from the gang life, and have had a colonia chiques gang injunction impact on hundreds of children in the community. Those who are charged with violating a gang injunction also have strong defenses available. But the police patrol, looking for warning signs or perpetrators actually in the act, as well as respond to crime reports, tips, undercover information and various other intelligence activities.

InOxnard was founded around what was originally named the Colonia Beet-Sugar Factory and began to grow. We’re not the only ones.

We don’t have a clubhouse or anything. Colonia chiques gang injunction that is one of the reasons. Well, really La Colonia Chiques is a community. Jason Benites, has the overall responsibility for dealing with gang activity. He will hold a hearing Aug. Bysshe said he was giving mediation serious consideration after sifting through hundreds of affidavits filed by community members relating fears of police harassment and being falsely targeted as gang members. There is a small branch of the Oxnard Public Library in the northeast corner, where Internet access is free and there is a rich collection of books.

Justice for Oxnard

Oxnard strike of Murder of Larry King Oxnard train derailment. This is not a legal transcript for purposes of litigation.

I have my car.

Two lifelong girlfriends find their childhood game of playing spies. The housing boom spurred development and re-investment. Gregory Totten’s request for a 4.