3o Namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya The Chidakasha Gita is by Bhagawan Nithyananda recorded by Tulsi Amina (A devotee). Tulsi Amina recorded this when. The Chidakasha Gita of Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri ( – August 7,) THE CHIDAKASHA GITA OF BHAGAWAN. 7 Jul Introduction Paramhansa Nityananda was born in India sometime around He was.

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Veda recitation should be from the throat. What is served for others, should not be eaten by us. It will be digested.

The Bliss of Shiva cannot be experienced by listening to what others say they have experienced. We buy a diamond for five or six thousand rupees; this is all rental delusion. This cannot be learnt from books.

The avadhuta was in constant bhakti, and this constant devotional attitude is what we should cultivate in our religious life ggita meditation. That Aum is God’s own throbbing mind. Subtle discrimination is Shiva Shakti.

The most excellent is Raja Yoga. To say that “this” is different from “that” is itself delusion.

In truth, Nityananda was basically a solitary saddhu such as Yogananda wanted to be but was called out for world service. In another place in this Chiddakasha Gita Nityananda states that the human being is the highest fruit of creation. This is Nityananda’s message. This means, in fact, becoming able to actually breathe with the “mental concept” alone. Even before mastering the inner breath or savikalpa samadhi, and while gross air-breathing intersperses with inner breathing, the aspirant will come to well prefer the inner breathing over the gross breathing.

This state cannot be taught in books and is beyond the reach of any language used in an attempt to describe it. Buddhi’s place is above. When you allow your mind to turn in on itself in Meditation tita there are no thoughts, this is the experience of your Pure Perceiving Awareness. He is not separating himself from hita rest of us, but telling us we can have his same attainment.

Bhagawan Nityananda tells us that, for the relationship between Guru and Disciple to work, the seeker must have and continue to cultivate Faith in God and the Guru.

At several points in the work, Bade Baba reiterates that “There is no place in the world for one who does not have a Guru. Budhi’s place is above.

Similarly, this body is a house for the Atman. By cjidakasha getting experience for oneself is the real desirelessness which is the goal of human life. Buddhi will has two aspects; transcendental and immanent. The two work hand in hand. The “breathless state” only refers to the gross breath that involves the lungs and the movement of air.

It is perishable because it is an illusion of Maya.

Paramahansa Nityananda’s Chidakasha Gita | Vastha Yogi

A being who is immersed in the state of Supreme Shiva, the state of Shiva Consciousness, is a knower of the Truth. By doing such pranayamas as sitali and sitkari, the God-seeking person comes to get to know the breath again and it’s nature as sound. The less technological Indians, thinking only of the movement occurring outside the body, developed that other convention. Know the true Guru by the fact that his own actions are in alignment with his Liberated state and the teachings he espouses to you.

The secret to the constant rapture of this Bliss is Shaktipat, the awakening of Kundalini Shakti that is imparted by a Siddha. Nityananda is saying that the state of kumbhaka, or cessation of material breath air, oxygen, etc. By such a breathing, kindle the “fire of Jnyana”.

You do not feel the scent of a flower which is in your own hand. Nityananda was renowned for two outstanding gitq And likewise the inner breath, the “true source of the river,” is the important thing that the yogi doing this technique must focus on.

A true male is chidakaeha who is merged in the internal. This Heart is beyond the body and the senses and can be accessed through the Crown Chakra yita the head.

Shiva’s Chiti or Shakti expresses herself through a body that is the same for all. And they were both, it turns out, bhaktas. Although he spoke little and it was very difficult to understand everything he said, after much prodding by his disciples, Bhagawan xhidakasha to allow one of his closest disciples, Tulsi Amma, write chidakazha his words.

Similarly, well-water may be used by a brahmin, a pariah, and children alike. A ripe fruit is very sweet to the taste. Nityananda was a tremendous advocate and lover of this ancient meditation technique, the one discussed in most chhidakasha by Shiva in the Vijnana-Bhairava, and which Muktananda called a technique of siddhas.

This inner position is where we find the “river” and the “mother root of the tree. In Pranayama, Pooraka is drawing up the breath. To be entirely merged in Prana, chidakaasha Vedanta.

This ambrosia is the supreme energy in man. Concentrate on the sound which is produced internally.