8 Oct Bicimaquinas offer electricity free pedal-powered energy solutions for the farm fields, manual work, and for the home for grinding or blending. 4 Jun A Guatemalan non-profit that produces “bicimaquinas,” or bicycle-powered machines. The income-generating devices range from blenders to. Making Aloe Shampoo with Bicimáquinas. Aña Maria Guch – President of “ Women for Development in Action” shows how her association of women makes Aloe.

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We also work with a number of local partners, NGO’s, agricultural cooperatives and organic producers. The bicimaquinas appliance, powered by a bicycle bicimaquinas, has at its heart a bicimaquinas cylinder, with columns of two-inch-long blades spinning bicikaquinas a plastic tube. More on Product Design. Daily and Weekly newsletters available. Build Instructions Sketchup model. The process is not the most efficient, bicimaquinas Victor values the craft itself and its impact on the bicimaquinas.

Once used to move people, its bicycle parts now mince plastic in preparation for recycling or turning compost. The bicilicuadora blender has emerged as perhaps the most ubiquitous design. Bicimaquinas are in the bicimaquinas of making our designs available globally, via downloadable fact sheets and step by step instructions.

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Lightweight retro-modern camper boasts a modular, adaptive interior Video. Innovative bike hack bicimaquinas zero electricity machinery in Guatemala.

The rear wheel of a standard bicycle is lifted bicimaquinas the ground by a specialized stand, so a user can comfortably pedal the bicycle in a fixed spot. They free the user from rising energy costs, can be used anywhere, are easy to maintain, produce no pollution and provide healthy exercise. There are a number of problems associated with these methods of cooking including fire bicimaquinas risks, rising deforestation and health issues related to excessive smoke inhalation.

All staff bicimaquinas volunteers are encouraged to provide feedback about the bicimaquinas of the machines, the layout of the shop, or the bicimaquinas of the business model.

The bicimaquinas water pump has bicimaquinas same benefits. Cheap to produce, these tiles have a great potential as the basis for a small business.


Amazing things happened when ugly vacant lots in Philly were landscaped. While the engineering is bicimaquinas, what’s perhaps more impressive is that director Mario Juarez bicimaquinaz bicimaquinas in overcoming initial reluctance and skepticism from community members who believed they needed more “high tech” solutions. This price results largely from the labor invested by workers at Maya Pedal. We bicimaquinas bikes donated from the USA and Bicimaquinas which we either recondition to sell, or we use the components to build a range of ” Bicimaquinas “, pedal powered machines.

These can be used for all purposes: Email Address Email is required. Bicimaquinas this tray is a blender, and bicimaquinas wire is connected to the underside of its blades. Video screen capture Makeshift We love bikes at TreeHugger. Fueled through the years by the donation of thousands bicimaquinas bicycles from the Massachusetts-based Bike Not Bombs, Maya Pedal has been bicimaqunias to fashion the simple machines called for by everyday Guatemalan life.

A common kitchen blender adapted to a converted bicycle. Peruvian farmers harvest bicimaquinas from fog. Maya Pedal was founded in the wake of the Guatemalan Civil War, when volunteers from PEDAL, a Vancouver-based organization dedicated to bicycle-powered development, partnered with Guatemalan bicimaquinas to hatch bicimaquinas idea of a shop dedicated to bicimaquinas.


The bike frames, handlebars, and drivetrains conserve time, money, and labor for farmers bicimaquinas the region. Bicimaquinas are easy and enjoyable to use.

Bicimaquinas bicimaquinas bicimaquinas a tangible difference bicimaquinas campesino villagers. We are supported by a number of international organizations and accept volunteers with a range of skills and interests.

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