The Balanced Embouchure, by Jeff Smiley: a dynamic development system that’s easy to learn and works for every trumpet player. Order online!. One was Jeff Smiley’s The Balanced Embouchure. I worked over the next couple years with these methods, primarily Trumpet Secrets(a.k.a. I have had a copy of Jeff’s book “The Balanced Embouchure” for several months, and to me, it is one of the best designed and clearly-written.

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This correlates with embouchure problems too, by the way. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. Closing of the jaw, especially as you ascend in pitch, is a common problem for players that is solved by practising this exercise. But I learned long ago that people in general tend to be resistant to new ideas – look how long that Farkas has dominated our trumpet education!

A huge side benefit of doing lip movements outside the norm, is that players can maintain their current embouchures while adding the increased range of motion.

Just being around him was fun, which, I realize in hindsight, was actually the main benefit I received from studying with him.

Finally, where can people get the book? It wasn’t paralysis from overanalysis.

Joy on the Balanced Embouchure

And yes, the whole purpose of the exercises is for them to balancd into the normal playing over time. Are they all wrong? Jerry is a unique individual, very much self-made, who appears to be content with his niche in life as guru to high note players. The lead author, Matthias Bertsch, is a name you will become familiar embouchjre should you visit the UoT library and do some of your own review of the literature. These notes are actually very easy for the average beginner to hit when proper instruction is given.

The Balanced Embouchure: A Review – Wilktone

The real answer is, they are all complementary to one another. For instance, the Jerry Callet Superchops embouchure contains extremely specific descriptions of the tongue and the position of both lips. In that way, the sheer volume of information would be almost impossible to dismiss, whether or not the reader decided to galanced the program.

His descriptions of brass embouchure mechanics are not very accurate and leave much out that I consider important. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

These targets, which are relatively simple to hit, help the lips to “wake up” from locked-in inefficient settings, eventually training the muscles to take on more complex characteristics. This is a universal principle, fundamental to making balancfd instrument work properly. Some trumpet ideologies, specifically the work of Donald Reinhardt mebouchure Claude Gordon among others, strictly forbid this method of attack although balancd can easily be traced back at least to the methods of Jean-Baptiste Arban and Jules Levy.

If you experiment with this idea then please feel free to comment below. There are some, but generally speaking they are younger players. What differentiates the various methods is the “target” used by each teacher to most effectively trigger and promote this unconscious coordination.

But the long-term reward is that the development of your embouchure will be no longer obstructed by fundamental faults. There is an accompanying CD which has most of the book exercises on it.

This particular target, emboichure the way, is often ineffective because there are a lot of ways to blow faster air, some obviously more efficient than others. Nalanced, I muscled up so much it ended my ability to make a reliable attack. Thanks for your thoughts, Maarten. So yeah, they may not be aware of the science as their approaches are far from being scientific. Saying that most successful players look like that flat chin etc is shallow at least.

The Balanced Embouchure

Whoever shows up on his doorstep, that’s good enough for him I went in the opposite direction. It’s funny how things turn out. Also anyone who claims he does would be a liar. Started playing in 4th grade. Tension is just as important as relaxation. He had sounded so much like the original Gerard Schwartz recording, that they were blown away.