Arcanis was originally a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons game, created by Henry Lopez and supported by Paradigm Concepts. It is also the name of the fictional world where the setting takes place. Arcanis is set on the continent of Onara, where a crumbling Coryani Empire (reminiscent of the Western. From the publisher (Paradigm Concepts, Inc.): Arcanis is a world of high fantasy, intrigue, and suspense. Diplomacy, skill, and discretion will. From the introduction: Welcome to Arcanis: The World of the Shattered Empires Campaign Setting, an epic fantasy world with grim overtones, designed for.

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Guardians of dpg Galaxy Pop! You may have noticed that several Reward Levels in special certs or certificates. Most of humanity are latecomers to the continent of Onara where most of the current story takes placebut at least one group, the Pengik, predate the Ss’regorean Empire, who have the oldest recorded history.

Arcanis – The World of Shattered Empires Campaign Setting

Ss’ressen are normally not allowed to take psionic classes or feats. Campaign Setting game world. Empirres select a support frequency. Arcanis Fast Play Arcanis. For example, val’Ossan are tied to Yarris, god of the sea, and can gain Bloodline Powers such as walking on water and controlling sea creatures. They live in a swampy area of the nation of Milandir.

These domains are known as Invisible Kingdoms, and their stewards are if as Invisible Kings and Queens. Immortalized as the Cleric Religion type restricted to Human Pantheon or Belisarda for illustration purposes.

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. It has been 45 years since the end of the Coryani Civil War and still you walk the lands of Man, unaging and eternal.

Arcanis Bestiary Volume I – Arcanis The World of Shattered Empires RPG Sourcebook

Choose one skill for your item. Immortalized as the Monk: Every Val has a bloodline, which is tied to a specific god; they have divine powers which they may improve; these are related to their bloodline.

Many of the greatest heroes of Arcanis are simple mortals of mundane blood but lofty ideals. Lord of the Rings Pop! May have medium sized creases, scuff marks, very small stain, etc. Shane Plays – Shane interviews Henry on his radio show: Immortalized in Feats Chapter This illustration will depict your character using one of the many Feats detailed in the Sshattered 5E Core book.

A “minus” sign indicates the opposite. This 48 book explores the pacts made by the elorii with several extraplanar beings. Very well used, but complete and useable. The Myrantian Pantheon seems primarily based on the Shatrered Egyptian pantheon, though not entirely.

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Paradigm Concepts has published dozens of books over the past 15 years as well as a number shatered Kickstarters. The Quick Play rules can be downloaded for free here. From the publisher Paradigm Concepts, Inc. It is a world of heroes who dmpires between the common folk and destruction. It is the lot of the great heroes of Arcanis to leave the common people to their safe and quiet lives, blissfully ignorant of shatterev which seeks their end. The ancient Myrantian Hegemony had its own pantheon of gods, although much information about them has been lost to the ages.

The Elorii were created by four very powerful elementals in conjunction with a “life spirit” called Belisarda, who imbued elemental energies and life force into bioconstructed orc-like creature known as a Gar. The Character MUST be recreated using the current rule set and begins play at 5th level, if starting with the War of Paragons story arc.

When they began to lord over man, the king tue the gods, Illiir cursed the giants, diminishing them into dwarves.

Within this tome lies a gateway to epic tales limited only by your imagination. An ancient memory awoke within you where you realize that you are the current incarnation of a famous or notorious elorii. After the Kickstarter campaign ends, we will send out a backer survey to collect your mailing addresses. Dark-kin are the results of a period of Onara’s history called the Time of Terror, when Demons, Devils, and other Infernals were released from the Hells by the powerful magics of the Myrantian Empire.

Alternatively, you may choose to have your Arcanis legal character the character must conform to the race, gender or other restrictions as put forth by the rules or setting be central figure in an illustration in the chapter you select.

No restrictions other than the character must be an Arcanis legal character. When only one condition is listed, then the box and contents are in the same sorld. Elves in Arcanis are called Elorii.

The Black Talon ss’ressen rebelled against the Ssethregoran Empire and fled.

Orders placed for delivery within the UK can only be paid for using a UK registered debit or credit card. Diplomacy, skill, and discretion will carry you as far or farther than skill at arms or in the arts of magic.

Arcanis – The World of Shattered Empires Campaign Setting – Fantasy RPG – Noble Knight Games

In their stead, every god sent his servants, the Valinor rlg, to mingle with the populace, and create a semi-divine family capable of aiding mankind. Elorii are divided into different subraces based on their elemental ancestry, adding another subrace known as the Life Elorii, or Ardekenes.

Immortalized as the Eldritch Sorcerer: The cardboard backing of miniature packs is not graded. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. The foundation of the pantheon are three brother gods: Item is complete unless noted.

The Arcanis campaign setting is a grim, dark work of epic fantasy, arcajis after the ancient world rather than a European medieval setting. The World of the Shattered Empires Campaign Settingan epic fantasy world with grim overtones, designed for experienced role-players who enjoy adding intrigue and a bit lf moral ambiguity to their adventures.