Hazrat Ali aqwal e zareen. likes · talking about this. This was originally Translated by “Parminder Chahal”. I have copied them with her. Aqwal e Hazrat Ali – R.A. likes · 14 talking about this. Aqwal e Hazrat Ali ( R.A) People. 1, likes. Related Pages. Hazrat Ali aqwal e zareen. Book. Aqwal E Zareen Hazrat Ali – R.A In Urdu. likes · talking about this. Library.

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So, we need to forget or aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in our wishes according to the guidelines of Islam if we want to become like the angels who are totally free of any kind of wrong acts. The reason behind this is that most of the time we do good deeds just for showing it to some other people, In other words for the sake of their sight. But if something is written for us then we are surely going to get that without any kind of mixing at all.

In this Aqwal Zareen Sheikh Saadi said that there is always aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in faults in the people no matter they are Intelligent or Idiot. S Muskurahat, 2 anmol khazane hain, Pehle ko apne tak mehdud rakho, Aur doosre ko logon par nichawar kardo – Hazrat Ali R. Maryam ka pregnant hona. So, it clearly means that we have to focus on our faults and recover them instead of letting people see our faults and devalue ourselves in front of the World.


In aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in, for getting in Love with Allah you need to aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in so much hard work before getting to that specific point. In this Quote, Hazrat Ali said that if someone advised other in separate then he improved the person by that advice. Haztat Maryam aur Jibreel A. Most of the teachers explain it like this life in this world is just a test and we are going to get the reward after this test accordingly, So if you need the better reward then you zareenn to follow the rules of Islam in a better way.

Hazrat Maryam k father Imran apnay zamanay me Bani Isra’ael k bht naik aur parhezgar shakhs thay.

Allah ta’alah ne insan ko banaya phir insan ke liye khoobsurat duniya banaye. A K Aqwal E Zareen. So, when we are advising someone we need to make sure that person is feeling aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in with us also in the separate zzreen. You Might Also Like. A Shikast khana buri baat nahi, Shikast kha ker Himat har jana Buri sli hai Jab Gunah k kamo me dil lagna Shuru ho jaye to yeh is baat ki daleel hai k tumhara rab tum se naraz hai.

Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor Aenean massa. In this Aqwal e Zareen in Urdu, It is said that If someone is being scammed then he will be alright with the matter of time…. You just landed at the right place, Actually, we aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in need the guides and knowledge of our leaders for spending our life sareen a right way!

Health, Fitness, Diet and Beauty Tips. But the intelligent people look in their faults on their own and Idiots let the world see their faults.

Hazrat Ali A.s Quotes in Urdu & Aqwal e Zareen Photos

The Story of Hazrat Loot A. So, we need to aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in how to forgive someone and do with them good deeds and count ourselves in the alive people. As we all are investing our lives in making up our bodies for looking good in the eyes of other people but never make ready our soul which is the very big distraction, so we need to think about it.

In this Hadith, Hazrat Ali said that forgive the people like you expect that Allah will forgive you. Home weight loss tips beauty tips.

Newer Post Older Post. But if aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in advised others in front of ib the people then it will affect the person negatively. In this Quote, Sheikh Saadi said that no matter a greedy person will become the owner of the complete world he will be still hungry. Because we are not that intelligent to learn everything by ourselves, So we proudly have to learn from our leaders whose lives are ideal for aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in.

So, the all we can get from this is that we have to work hard and then pray in the front of Allah for our success otherwise you are not going to get any success without following the both of steps. Tipu Sultan history in urdu information aqwsl tipu sultan in urdu. In this aqwal e zareen in Hazrat Ali said that In your every moment of life learn to forgive and make the friends again because only alive people can bent….

The lesson we can get from this quote is aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in when you are making friends never compare their wealth rank with yourself and other people because loyal friends will never have much wealth. In this Aqwal e Zareen in Urdu, Hazrat Ali made it very clear that if you have good thinking then you are going to get more reward than doing the good deeds. In this quote, Sheikh Saadi said that without doing the work of your part relying on the Prayers is a wrong thing….

Aqwal-e-Zareen: Aqwal-e-Hazrat Ali in urdu, aqwal e zareen hazrat ali

We are living in the society where people make so many changes in every product they are selling or in any job they are doing so we need to be very reminded about this that if something is not in our luck then we are not going to get it. Aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in all know that Islam teaches us to forgive the people, It will make us strong and give the sign that we are one who belongs to the alive people. Machli k pait me Hazrat Younus gazrat ahwaal.