The Yazidi Book of Revelation (Kitêba Cilwe in Kurdish; also transliterated as Kitab Al Jilwah) is one of two books on the Yazidi religion written in the style of a . Kitāb al-jilwah: Yazīdī: Two short books, Kitāb al-jilwah (“Book of Revelation”) and Maṣḥafrash (“Black Book”), form the sacred scriptures of the Yazīdīs. It is now. Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz, by Isya Joseph, [], full text etext at

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What is the Peacock Angel?

There is no book that is more important then your own experience. God therefore sent a bird to him which pecked at his anus and made an outlet, and Adam was relieved.

Satan’s Den

But Fahr-ad-Dn created man and the al-jilawh, and birds and beasts. O ye that have believed in me, honor my symbol and my image, for they remind you of me.

The Kitab al-Jilwa describes Tawsi Melek and his special relationship with the Yezidis and those who worship him in other faiths. So basically Al-Jilwah is not well suited and heavy flawed just as bible is. I lead to the straight path without a revealed book; I direct aright my beloved and my chosen ones by unseen means. As a result, he cut his head and made it bleed.

Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz: Al-Jilwah (The Revelation): Al-Jilwah (The Revelation)

When temptation comes, I give my covenant to him that trusts in me. They visit the sanjaks. If anyone obey me and conform to my commandments, he shall have joy, delight, and goodness.

I place my affairs in the hands of those whom I have tried and who are in accord with my desires. He also created a bird named Angar. The worship of any idol, such as Seyed-ad-Dn or eich ams is better than fasting. I punish in al-jilway world all who do contrary to my will.

And she conceived and bore our god Yezid. Now our sect, the Yezidis, are descended from Naumi, an honored person, king of peace. He confirmed the saints.

He must also light a lamp at each idol that has a chamber. In the beginning he created six gods from himself and from his light, and their creation was as one lights a light from another light.

I participate in all the affairs which those who are without call evil because their nature is not such as they approve. On that day there must be al-jilah in every family. He shaved his al-jklwah in haste, and with some difficulty. Do not mention my name nor my attributes, lest al-jilwaah regret it; for ye do not know what those who are without may do.

Muwiya knew his wife, al-jiowah in the morning she appeared a woman of twenty-five, by the power of the great God. All these are forbidden us out of respect for him. Al-jilwa God seals them with his own seal. The people are to give the kchaks money to fight the Roman army, and thus save the sect Yezidis from the wrath of the man of the year.

The ship rested at a village called Ain Sifni, distant from Mosul about five parasangs. Check this for more critical view on Al-Jilwah: Thereupon the White Pearl broke up into four pieces, and from its midst came out the water which became an ocean. If he the kchak says this entertainment is an alms given to the sanjak then he is not released from his fasting. He also illuminated Mohammed, the prophet of the Ishmaelites, who had a servant named Muwiya, When God saw that Mohammed was not upright before him, he afflicted him with a headache.

On the first day of the year alms should be given at the tombs where the souls of the dead lie.

Yezidi Scriptures

Before heaven and earth existed, God was on the sea, as we formerly wrote you. The world was round, and was not divided. Sorry, al-ilwah blog cannot share posts by email. As the water rose and the ship floated, it came above Mount Sinjar, where it ran aground and was pierced by a rock.

He also made a vessel and descended in it for thirty thousand years.

He made himself a vessel and traveled in it in kunsiniyat of the seas, thus enjoying himself in himself. This rule, however, does not apply to kawwals; they may marry during this month. We call him Melek Miran.